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Home » Album » Alter (Phase 1) Album – Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Alter (Phase 1) Album – Neetesh Jung Kunwar

    Alter (Phase 1) Album by Neetesh Jung Kunwar


    Alter (Phase 1)

    SingerNeetesh Jung Kunwar
    No. of Songs4
    Length16 min 47 sec
    Release date2019
    Music LabelNeetesh Jung Kunwar

    Alter (Phase 1) is the second studio album released by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. It was released in 2019. In this album, you will get a different taste of music. He has filled every song with different words and music, so this album will be loved by every music lover.

    The album has 4 songs and made all the songs available on iTunes, Spotify, and his official youtube channel. All song is written and composed by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Two songs have an official music video, Maya Sasto and First Date (Pahilo Bhet).

    Maya Sasto is directed by Darshan Pokhrel, and First Date (Pahilo Bhet) is directed by Jholey, and Awenis Bhai, and Meri Aama lyrical video was made by Nagesh Kandel.

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