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Baii Ga

July 12, 2024
2hr 14min
Status: released

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Baii Ga Movie Details:

Country India
Language Marathi
GenreComedy, Family, Fantasy
Release dateJuly 12, 2024 (India)
Running time2hr 14min
StarringSwapnil Joshi
Neha Khan
Prarthana Behere
Deepti Devi
Sukanya Kulkarni
Directed by Pandurang Jadhav
Written byVipul Ashok Deshmukh
Produced byAshish Agrawal
Nitin Prakash Vaidya
Edited by Nilesh Gawand
Production CompanyAbc Creations
Indradhanush Motion Pictures
Nitin Vaidya Productions
OMG Media Ventures
Distributor Nitin Vaidya Productions (India, 2024)

Baii Ga Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Swapnil Joshi
  • Neha Khan
  • Prarthana Behere
  • Deepti Devi
  • Sukanya Kulkarni
  • Namrata Gaikwad
  • Aditi Sarangdhar
  • Sagar Karande


When Dhanush asks God why Dhanush and Aboli’s life is not going well, he realizes that he has not treated his wives properly in the last five lives. God gives him a chance to correct his mistake by bringing his wives from the previous five births into this birth and punishes Dhanush to find out the desire of each of them and fulfill it.

About Baii Ga Movie:

Baii Ga is a Marathi family film directed by Pandurang Jadhav and co-written with Vipul Ashok Deshmukh. It stars Swapnil Joshi, Neha Khan, Prarthana Behere, Deepti Devi, and Sukanya Kulkarni.

It was released on July 12, 2024.