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Chinatown Chacha

January 18, 2024
1hr 43min
Status: released

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Chinatown Chacha Movie Details:

Thai titleไชน่าทาวน์ ชะช่า
Country Thailand
Language Thai
GenreAction, Comedy
Release dateJanuary 18, 2024 (Thailand)
Running time1hr 43min
StarringTeeradetch Metawarayut
Chutavuth Pattarakampol
Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat
Chookiat Iamsook
Thongthong Mokjok
Kohtee Aramboy
Directed by Jaturong Mokjok
Production CompanyVela Entertainment
Distributor M Pictures Cambodia

Chinatown Chacha Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Teeradetch Metawarayut as Khung
  • Chutavuth Pattarakampol as Thai / Kie
  • Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat as Kie
  • Chookiat Iamsook as Xian Lao
  • Thongthong Mokjok as Xian Guan
  • Kohtee Aramboy
  • Jeab Chern-Yim
  • Passakorn Ponlaboon
  • Martin Bravo Santiago as Littenaunt David
  • Kamonwan Srivilai
  • Artit Tangwiboonpanit


With Kie and her family facing many tragedies in life, she turns to the spiritual and goes to pray at a shrine. A priest there tells her that her family is facing karma caused by her gangster ancestor. After Kie decides to perform a ritual, she finds herself back in time in the body of a man who had been killed. She meets all the gang members including her own great grandfather, Khung. While getting to know him, Kie attempts to prevent Khung from performing the action that would lead to her family’s misfortune.

About Chinatown Chacha Movie:

Chinatown Chacha (Thai: ไชน่าทาวน์ ชะช่า) is a Thai action comedy film directed by Jaturong Mokjok. It stars Teeradetch Metawarayut, Chutavuth Pattarakampol, Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat, Chookiat Iamsook, Thongthong Mokjok, and Kohtee Aramboy.

The film was theatrically released on January 18, 2024.