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Confidential Assignment 2: International

September 7, 2022
2hr 9min
Status: released

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Confidential Assignment 2: International Movie Details:

Hangul공조2: 인터내셔날
Literal meaningCooperation 2: International
Country South Korea
Language Korean
GenreAction, Comedy, Thriller
Release dateSeptember 7, 2022
Running time2h 9m
StarringHyun Bin
Yoo Hae-jin
Im Yoon-ah
Daniel Henney
Jin Seon-kyu
Directed by Lee Seok-hoon
Screenplay byLim Seong-soon
Produced byYoon Je-kyoon
Cinematography by Hong Jae-sik
Edited by Nam Na-young
Music byHwang Sang-jun
Production CompanyJK Film
Distributor CJ Entertainment

Confidential Assignment 2: International Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Hyun Bin as Im Cheol-ryung, a detective from North Korea’s special investigation team
  • Yoo Hae-jin as Kang Jin-tae, a detective from South Korea and father of Kang Yeon-ah
  • Im Yoon-ah as Park Min-young, sister-in-law of Kang Jin-tae
  • Daniel Henney as Jack, an FBI agent
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Jang Myung-jun, the leader of a North Korean criminal organization
  • Jang Young-nam as Park So-yeon, wife of Kang Jin-tae
  • Park Min-ha as Kang Yeon-ah, daughter of Kang Jin-tae
  • Park Hyung-soo as NIS agent
  • Lee Min-ji as NIS agent
  • Park Hoon as Park Sang-wi, a member of a global organized crime syndicate.
  • Lee Je-yeon as Oh Jong-goo, a cyber detective
  • Jeon Bae-soo as Kim Jung-taek
  • Kim Won-hae as Sergey
  • Lim Seong-jae as Kim Sang-sa
  • Lee Seung-hoon as Oh Deok, a cyber detective
  • John D. Michaels as FBI director


In New York City, Jang Myong-jun, who is the leader of a North Korean criminal organization is about to be transferred to Pyongyang, where the FBI officials are attacked by North Korean gangsters and Myong-jun escapes. As Myong-jun reportedly sneaked into Seoul using a fake passport, the North Korean government sends Im Cheol-ryong to Seoul again to catch him.

Kang Jin-tae meets Cheol-ryong and decides to resume the investigation to trail Myong-jun, but the duo’s project are interrupted by an FBI agent named Jack, who wishes to bring the North Korean criminals back to U.S. on charges of killing FBI officials. They agree where the operation is expanded to a trilateral collaboration of the Koreans and Americans. How does the trio capture Myong-jun forms the crux of the plot.

Confidential Assignment 2: International Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget₩18 billion
Worldwide CollectionUS$56.3 million

About Confidential Assignment 2: International Movie:

Confidential Assignment 2: International (Korean: 공조2: 인터내셔날) is a South Korean action comedy film directed by Lee Seok-hoon. It serves as the sequel to the 2017 film Confidential Assignment. The film stars Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Im Yoon-ah, Daniel Henney, and Jin Seon-kyu.

Filming began on February 18, 2021, and ended on June 13, 2021.

The film was released on 2167 screens on September 7, 2022, in South Korea. The opening recorded 216,304 admissions and topped the South Korean box office. On September 9, the film surpassed 1 million admissions in 3 days of release.

As of 17 September 2022, it is the 3rd highest-grossing Korean film of 2022, with a gross of US$33,472,166 and 4,390,630 admissions.