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Dead Whisper

July 5, 2024
1hr 30min
Status: released

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Dead Whisper Movie Details:

Country United State
Language English
GenreHorror, Thriller
Release dateJuly 5, 2024
July 9, 2024(internet)
Running time1hr 30min
StarringSamuel Dunning, Rob Evan, Tana Sirois
Directed by Conor Soucy
Written byConor Soucy, Colin Charles Dale
Produced byBirk Gran
Ben Grant
Conor Soucy
Cinematography by Ben Grant
Edited by Jake Murray
Conor Soucy
Music byNikhil Koparkar
Production CompanyHowlin’ Hounds Pictures
Brothers Gran Productions
Distributor Vertical Entertainment (United States)(theatrical)

Dead Whisper Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Samuel Dunning as Elliot Campbell
  • Rob Evan as The Historian
  • Tana Sirois as Elise
  • Samantha Hill as Dotty Campbell
  • Codey Gillum as Jackson
  • Chris Goodwin as Hal
  • Dhane Ross as Gavin Elster
  • Hester Wilkinson as Mrs. Reynolds
  • Bruce Winant as Mr. Reynolds


Dead Whisper centers on Elliot Campbell, a Cape Cod lawyer drawn to a mysterious island where a reunion with his dead daughter tempts him, but at the peril of his soul.

About Dead Whisper Movie:

Dead Whisper is an American horror, thriller film directed by Conor Soucy and written by Conor Soucy, Colin Charles Dale. It stars Samuel Dunning, Rob Evan, and Tana Sirois in the lead roles.

It was released on July 5, 2024.