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Deenamma Jeevitham

January 5, 2024
2hr 8min
Status: released

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Deenamma Jeevitham Movie Details:

Country India
Language Telugu
GenreDrama, Family
Release date5 January 2024
Running time2hr 8min
StarringDev Ballani
Priya Chohan 
Saritha Chohan
Directed by Muorali Ramaswamy
Written byMuorali Ramaswamy
Produced byYalla Murali Krishna
Cinematography by Satish Kumar Kare
Edited by Jhony Basha Shaik
Music byRam Sam
Production CompanyDurgasree Films
Yashwanth Raamaswamy Creations
Distributor SKML Motion Pictures

Deenamma Jeevitham Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Dev Ballani as Krishna
  • Priya Chohan as Radha
  • Saritha Chohan as Mahima
  • Shannu Shaik as Shannu
  • Balagam Sahadev as Babu Broker


After getting married, Dev who works in the film direction department gets a call while taking his selfie and his wife’s name appears on the mobile screen which reveals the fact that he is already married to someone else. Will he be able to manage them both?

About Deenamma Jeevitham Movie:

Deenamma Jeevitham is a Telugu drama, family film written and directed by Muorali Ramaswamy. The film stars Dev Ballani and Priya Chohan in the lead roles. The film was produced by Yalla Murali Krishna.

The film trailer was released on 29 December 2023.

It was released on 5 January 2024.