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Double Engine

January 5, 2024
1hr 46min
Status: released

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Double Engine Movie Details:

Country India
Language Telugu
GenreDrama, Family
Release date5 January 2024
Running time1hr 46min
StarringMuni Myatari
Ajith Kumar
Rohit Narasimha
Raju Shivaratri
Gayathri Gupta
Vishwender Reddy
Directed by Rohit Penumatsa
Written byRohit–Sasi
Produced bySiddharth Rapalli
Cinematography by Shashank Raghavula
Edited by Avanti Ruya
Music byVivek Sagar
Production CompanyWaltair Productions

Double Engine Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Muni Myatari as Danny
  • Ajith Kumar as Gopi
  • Rohit Narasimha as Narsing
  • Raju Shivaratri as Mouli (Snake Charmer)
  • Gayathri Gupta as Danny’s sister
  • Sai Kiran Yadav as Kishore
  • Vishwender Reddy as Gopi’s Grandfather
  • Thanmai Bolt (in Auto Deck Song)
  • Camp Sasi as farmhouse owner


This is the story of Danny and his friends and their hunt for the double-headed snake aka Double Engine. Danny drives a share auto in Hyderabad. He goes back home to his village for his 21st birthday but the weekend turns out to be a lot more than he expected.

Double Engine Movie traclist:

1.“Kadak”Jagadeesh Prathap BandariJagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Smaran, Nikhil Bharadwaj3:55
2.“Palletoori Pillagada”Camp SasiVivek Sagar4:48
3.“Sandeyela”Niklesh SunkojiPartha Sarathy4:50
4.“Pailanga” Sarath Chamer Cobbler4:32
5.“Auto Deck”Instrumental 3:26

About Double Engine Movie:

Double Engine is a Telugu crime thriller film written by Rohit–Sasi and directed by Rohit Penumatsa. Vivek Sagar composed the music for the film. Siddharth Rapalli is the producer of the film, under the Waltair Productions banner. The film’s primary cast has newcomers.

The film was theatrically released on 5 January 2024.