October 12, 2022
1hr 35min
Status: released

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May-December-January Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateOctober 12, 2022
Running time1hr 35min
StarringAndrea Del Rosario
Gold Aceron
Kych Minamoto
Directed by Mac Alejandre
Written byRicky Lee
Produced byVeronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Vincent Del Rosario
Cinematography by Daniel Uy
Edited by Benjo Ferrer
Music byVincent De Jesus
Production CompanyViva Films
Distributor Viva Films

May-December-January Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Andrea Del Rosario as Claire
  • Gold Aceron as Pol
  • Kych Minemoto as Migoy
  • Yayo Aguila as Migoy’s Mom
  • Lander Vera-Perez as Migoy’s Dad
  • Debbie Garcia as Secretary
  • Allan Michael Cristobal as Pol’s Dad
  • Reynaldo R. Babina as Doctor
  • Conrado Villas as Pastor
  • Emil Patrick Gruta as Receptionist
  • Diony Abarra Sison as Waiter


Single mom Claire and her son Pol have a very good relationship despite not having a father figure. But this is tested when Claire falls in love with Migoy, her son’s best friend. The feeling is mutual so the two decided to hide their relationship not just from the judgmental people, but even from Pol. This is further complicated when it is revealed that Pol is also secretly in love with Mikoy.

About May-December-January Movie:

May-December-January is a Vivamax original film directed by McArthur C. Alejandre and written by Ricky Lee.

May-December-January was theatrically released on October 12, 2022, by Viva Films.

May-December-January movie is now available on the streaming platform Vivamax. You can watch through the website ( as well as the Vivamax app.