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Pee Mak

March 28, 2013
1hr 48min
Status: released

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Pee Mak Movie Details:

Thai titleพี่มาก..พระโขนง
Country Thailand
Language Thai
GenreComedy, Horror
Release date28 March 2013
Running time1hr 48min
StarringMario Maurer
Davika Hoorne
Pongsathorn Jongwilas
Nattapong Chartpong
Auttarut Kongrasri
Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasook
Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun
Written byNontra Khumvong
Banjong Pisanthanakun
Chantavit Dhanasevi
Produced byJira Maligool
Chenchonnee Suntonsaratoon
Suwimon Techasupinun
Pran Thadaweerawutar
Vanridee Pongsittisak
Cinematography by Narupon Sohkkanapituk
Edited by Tummarut Sumetsuppasok
Music byChatchai Pongpraphaphan
Hualampong Riddim
Production CompanyGMM Tai Hub
Jorkwang film
Distributor GMM Tai Hub

Pee Mak Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Mario Maurer as Mak
  • Davika Hoorne as Nak
  • Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk as Aey (เอ, RTGS: E)
  • Nuttapong Chartpong as Ter (เต๋อ, RTGS: Toe)
  • Wiwat Kongrasri as Shin (ชิน, RTGS: Chin)
  • Pongsathorn Jongwilas as Puak (เผือก, RTGS: Phueak)


Mak served in the war during the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty. At war he became friends with Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey, whose lives he saved. Once the war was over, Mak invited his four friends into his home in Phra Khanong town and introduced them to his beautiful wife Nak and his newborn baby boy Dang. A rumor was going around in the village that Nak had died giving birth to her stillborn baby, Dang. The source of this rumour; Aunty Priak, owner of local liquor store was found dead floating on the river a few days later. The four friends felt it’s time to tell Mak the possibility of Nak and Dang could be dead and lingered as haunting ghosts and risk their lives. It’s up to Mak to choose love or reality.

Pee Mak Movie Budget & Box Office Collection:

Budget$1.8 million
Worldwide Collection$33 million

About Pee Mak Movie:

Pee Mak (Thai: พี่มาก..พระโขนง; RTGS: phi mak phra khanong) is a Thai supernatural romantic comedy-horror film directed and co-written by Banjong Pisanthanakun. The story is an adaptation of the Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore. The film stars Mario Maurer as Mak Davika Hoorne as Nak, and Pongsathorn Jongwilas, Nattapong Chartpong, Auttarut Kongrasri and Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasook.

Pee Mak was theatrically released on 28 March 2013. The film was a major commercial success upon its release and became Thailand’s highest-grossing film of all time.

Pee Mak has been adapted to Tamil in Bayama Irukku (2017), and in Malayalam as Kinavalli (2020). Bollywood producer Bhushan Kumar brought rights for Hindi version with star Sidharth Malhotra & Shraddha Kapoor.

Pee Mak will also be adapted in Indonesia as Kang Mak by Falcon Pictures (currently on production and planning to be release in 2024). Directed by Herwin Novianto and starring Indonesian star couple Vino G. Bastian & Marsha Timothy together with a bunch of A-list Indonesian comedian Indro (comedian), Tora Sudiro, Aming, Andre Taulany, and many more.