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Sach Ki Jeet

January 5, 2024
1hr 54min
Status: released

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Sach Ki Jeet Movie Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
GenreDrama, Thriller
Release dateJanuary 5, 2024
Running time1hr 54min
StarringSunnyy Singh, Harsha Nikam, Rajkumar Duva
Directed by Raahul Mouje
Written byKali Ram Tomar
Produced byKali Ram Tomar
Cinematography by Ganesh Pawar
Edited by Komal Varma
Music byPradip Ranjan
Production CompanyVishesh Drishti TV & Film Production

Sach Ki Jeet Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Sunnyy Singh as Mahindra Pratap
  • Harsha Nikam as Satvika Pratap


Sach Ki Jeet depicts the importance of truth and law and the movie revolves around the dispute over land and conflict among people.

About Sach Ki Jeet Movie:

Sach Ki Jeet is a Hindi drama, and thriller film directed by Raahul Mouje and written by Kali Ram Tomar. It stars Sunnyy Singh, Harsha Nikam, and Rajkumar Duva.

It was released on January 5, 2024.