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Samar: Ilmira Nirmala

1hr 37min
Status: upcoming

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Samar: Ilmira Nirmala Movie Details:

Also known asNightmare
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreDrama, Horror, Mystery
Release date2024 (Indonesia)
Running time1hr 37min
Age ratingTBA
StarringImelda Therinne
Aurora Ribero
Kevin Julio
Runny Rudiyanti
Farid Ongky
Directed by Renaldo Samsara
Written byFanya Runkat
Nandray S
Renaldo Samsara
Produced byNeysa Ayu
Renaldo Samsara
Cinematography by Puy Purmana
Edited by M. Fahrul Ihwan
Renaldo Samsara
Music byElwin Hendrijanto
Production Design byRilo Adjie
Production CompanyElior Tesla Pictures
BRG Group (presents)
BSM Entertainment (in association with)
Amare Group (in association with)
WebTVAsia (in association with)
Im-A-Gin-E (in association with)

Samar: Ilmira Nirmala Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Imelda Therinne as Ilmira Nirmala / Author
  • Aurora Ribero as Elsa / Elsa Nirmala
  • Revaldo as Salman Kencana
  • Kevin Julio as Bram Norman
  • Runny Rudiyanti as Darsha
  • Farid Ongky as Michael
  • Mario Maulana as Engineer
  • Xena Xazi as Young Author / Young Elsa
  • Jessica Katharina as The Woman in Veil / Ilmira Nirmala
  • Martinus N as Adrian


Months after her husband left her for another woman, Ilmira, 32, sets foot on her family’s long-neglected cottage. This time she returns as an accomplished author of many horror tales, but having written nothing new and her book royalties dried up, Ilmira is financially strapped and has been urged to publish her long awaited release of graphic novel (comic book). As she settles in the house, Ilmira begins to work and is accompanied by “Elsa”, an enigmatic teenager, whose troublesome presence makes it difficult for her to maintain sole focus. Struggling to put together what appears to be a taxing book, Ilmira is then haunted by a series of mysterious figures originated from her previous horror tales, consequently keeping her from completing her work. One of the figures is a Woman in Veil who serves as a reminder to Ilmira for her traumatised childhood past. However Ilmira strives to accept what happened to her, through the book which turns to what might be her final creation in the horror genre.

About Samar: Ilmira Nirmala Movie:

Samar: Ilmira Nirmala is an upcoming Indonesian horror mystery drama film directed by Renaldo Samsara. It stars Imelda Therinne, Aurora Ribero, Revaldo, Kevin Julio, Runny Rudiyanti, and Farid Ongky.

The film is expected to be released in 2024.