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Santet Segoro Pitu

Status: upcoming

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Santet Segoro Pitu Movie Details:

Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreHorror, Thriller
Release date2024 (Indonesia)
Running timeTBA
Age ratingTBA
StarringAri Irham
Sandrinna Michelle
Christian Sugiono
Sara Wijayanto
Directed by Tommy Dewo
Written byBetz Illustration
Produced byRocky Soraya
Cinematography by TBA
Edited by TBA
Music byTBA
Filming locationsSemarang, Indonesia
Production CompanyHitmaker Studios
Legacy Pictures
Masih Belajar Project
Role Pictures

Santet Segoro Pitu Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Ari Irham
  • Sandrinna Michelle
  • Christian Sugiono
  • Sara Wijayanto


Plot unknown…

About Santet Segoro Pitu Movie:

Santet Segoro Pitu is an upcoming Indonesian horror thriller film directed by Tommy Dewo. It stars Ari Irham, Sandrinna Michelle, Christian Sugiono, and Sara Wijayanto.

The film is expected to be released in 2024.