Superkrachten voor je hoofd Movie Poster

Superkrachten voor je hoofd

July 10, 2024
1hr 32min
Status: released

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Superkrachten voor je hoofd Movie Details:

Country Netherlands
Language Dutch
Release dateJuly 10, 2024
Running time1hr 32min
StarringElise Schaap
Jeroen Spitzenberger
Oscar Aerts
Ali Fardi
Mert Ugurdiken
Dylan Haegens
Nick Golterman
Directed by Dylan Haegens
Wouter de Jong (asisstant director)
Written byMarit Brugman
Wouter de Jong
Produced byJeroen Koopman
Cinematography by Jorrit Garretsen
Edited by Joshua Menco
Music byRangel Silaev
Casting ByMadelief Blanken
Production Design bySuzanne Jansen
Production CompanyHaegens Media
Distributor Splendid Film (Netherlands)
Splendid Film (Belgium)

Superkrachten voor je hoofd Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Elise Schaap as Lidewij
  • Jeroen Spitzenberger as Healix
  • Oscar Aerts as Leraar
  • Ali Fardi as L. Endig
  • Mert Ugurdiken as Ober
  • Dylan Haegens as Snotman
  • Nick Golterman as Arts
  • Danny Jongejan as Klasgenoot
  • Bas Hoeflaak as Govert
  • Finn Vogels as Lev
  • Marit Brugman as Tandarts
  • Joke Tjalsma as Oma
  • Sarah Janneh as Schoolfotograaf
  • Piet Tomassen as Roy
  • Sam ter Braak as Klasgenoot
  • Lisanne Dijkstra as Presentatrice
  • Jaydie van den Berg as Postzegel meisje
  • Teun Peters as Verkoper ouderwinkel
  • Willie Wartaal as Uitvinder Leo


Lev, an insecure boy, leads a dull life with annoying parents who restrict him. However, everything changes when his cool, rebellious grandma shows up at his doorstep and sweeps him away on an exciting adventure to discover his own superpowers. The film “Superpowers for Your Mind” combines great adventures with important themes in mental resilience (including fear of failure, self-confidence, and positive thinking) and offers an inspiring story about courage, acceptance, and believing in oneself. Thanks to his fearless grandma and the challenges they face together, Lev learns to embrace his own shortcomings. He discovers that true superpower doesn’t lie in the ability to fly, laser eyes, or controlling objects, but in his mind.

About Superkrachten voor je hoofd Movie:

Superkrachten voor je hoofd is a Dutch family film directed by Dylan Haegens. It stars Elise Schaap, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Oscar Aerts, Ali Fardi, Mert Ugurdiken, Dylan Haegens, and Nick Golterman.

The film was released on July 10, 2024.