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The Diary of Sisyphus

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    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie (2023):

    The Diary of Sisyphus (Italian: Il Diario di Sisifo) is an upcoming Italian drama film directed by Mateusz Miroslaw Lis and starring Niccolò Babbo, Stefano Pellizzari, Chiara Signorini Gremigni, Lorenzo Maria Angelin, Diletta Feruglio, Massimo Somaglino, and Guglielmo Favilla.

    The script was written by GPT-NEO, an open-source version of GPT-3 by EleutherAI. The model was prompted with a synopsis, the plot lines, and desired scenes. The entire script, with the exception of the opening monologue, was written by GPT-NEO.

    The Diary of Sisyphus is expected to be released theatrically in Italy in 2023.

    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Information:

    Movie NameThe Diary of Sisyphus
    Original titleIl Diario di Sisifo
    Country Italy
    Language Italian
    Release Date2023
    Running TimeTBA
    StarringNiccolò Babbo
    Guglielmo Favilla
    Stefano Pellizzari
    Chiara Signorini Gremigni
    Lorenzo Maria Angelin
    Diletta Feruglio
    Massimo Somaglino
    Directed by Mateusz Miroslaw Lis
    Written byGPT-NEO
    Produced byMateusz Miroslaw Lis
    Stefano Pellizzari
    Cinematography by Mateusz Miroslaw Lis
    Edited by Mateusz Miroslaw Lis
    Music byTBA
    Production CompanyBriefcase Films
    Distributed byTBA
    Box Office CollectionTBA

    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Trailer:

    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Posters & Photos:

    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Storyline:

    For the first time as a screenwriter, an AI narrates the life of Adam, a young college student plagued by an existential crisis, and his journey toward the meaning of life, amid absurd encounters and very human vibes.

    The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Guglielmo Favilla as Uomo col cappotto
    • Niccolò Babbo as Adamo
    • Lorenzo Maria Angelin as Ragazzo
    • Fabiano Fantini as Prete
    • Pietro Cursano as Marco
    • Nicole Greatti as Greta
    • Massimo Somaglino as Professore
    • Marco Risiglione as Dottore
    • Chiara Signorini Gremigni as Donna
    • Stefano Pellizzari as Giovanni
    • Diletta Feruglio as Rebecca
    • Mattia Giacchetto as Tommaso
    • Paolo Mattotti as Vecchio

    Interesting Facts About The Diary of Sisyphus Movie:

    • It is the first feature-length film to be written by artificial intelligence.

    Where To Watch The Diary of Sisyphus Movie Online (The Diary of Sisyphus Movie OTT Release Date):


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