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July 18, 2024
1hr 37min
Status: upcoming

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Voditel-oligarkh Movie Details:

Russian title Водитель-олигарх
Also known as Driver-Oligarch
Country Russia
Language Russian
Release dateJuly 18, 2024
Running time1hr 37min
StarringAnna Ukolova, Pavel Priluchnyy, Aleksey Chadov
Directed by Aleksey Pimanov
Written byAleksey Pimanov, Olga Pogodina, Oleg Presnyakov
Produced byAleksey Pimanov
Olga Pogodina
Cinematography by Maksim Shinkorenko
Music byIgor Babaev
Oleg Volyando
Production CompanyPimanov i Partnyory
Distributor Atmosfera Kino (Russia)(theatrical)
Planeta Inform (Russia)(theatrical)
Perviy Kanal (Russia)(TV)

Voditel-oligarkh Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Anna Ukolova as Marfa
  • Pavel Priluchnyy as Timur Baburin
  • Aleksey Chadov as Anton
  • Olga Pogodina as Aleksandra
  • Elena Valyushkina
  • Stanislav Duzhnikov
  • Anna Frolovtseva
  • Dmitriy Khrustalyov
  • Kristina Rebrik as Aktrista
  • Marina Gerus
  • Natalya Ryzhkova as Albina


The 40-year-old rich man is very fond of arguing. Once again, he bet that he would work for a month as a driver for a bitch actress who fires employees after three weeks. Gradually, the characters begin to change and fall in love with each other.

About Voditel-oligarkh Movie:

Voditel-oligarkh (Водитель-олигарх; Also known as Driver-Oligarch) is a Russian comedy film directed by Aleksey Pimanov and written by Aleksey Pimanov, Olga Pogodina, Oleg Presnyakov. It stars Anna Ukolova, Pavel Priluchnyy, Aleksey Chadov.

It was released on July 18, 2024.