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Kaamwali Bai Episode 4

    Kaamwali Bai Episode 4: Aakhri Sunday

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    Kaamwali Bai Web Series Episode 4 Storyline (Plot/Synopsis)

    Prashant gets accused of being a terrorist. His life is about to turn upside down.

    Kaamwali Bai Web Series Details:

    Web Series NameKaamwali Bai
    Country India
    Language Hindi
    Release Date24 July 2022
    Running Time14 minutes
    StarringAparna Tandale
    Sayali Sunil Sonule
    Prashant Kulkarni
    Shashank Kothekar
    Directed by Ravindra Devidas Sarowar
    Written byPrashant Kulkarni
    Cinematography by Ravindra Devidas Sarowar
    Edited by Hemant Vansh
    Music byPrajwal Yadav
    Production CompanyArmoks Media Pvt. Ltd.
    Distributor Take A Break
    Original network YouTube

    Kaamwali Bai Web Series All Episodes Watch Online:

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