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May 25, 2024
1hr 34min
Status: released

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Manipula Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Tagalog, Filipino
GenreHorror, Thriller
Release dateMay 25, 2024 (Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival)
Running time1hr 34min
StarringAna Jalandoni
Aljur Abrenica
Rosanna Roces
Alan Paule
Kiko Matos
Directed by Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan
Written byNeal ‘Buboy’ Tan
Produced byAna Jalandoni (executive producer)
Cinematography by Gilbert Obispo
Edited by Gilbert Obispo
Production Design byArthur Maningas
Production CompanyAFLIX Media Production
Budget₱6,850,000 (estimated)

Manipula Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Ana Jalandoni as Sylvia / Sam / Chin Sun Chang / Amanda / Kelvin / Tatty
  • Aljur Abrenica as Armando
  • Rosanna Roces as Emily
  • Alan Paule as Gregor
  • Kiko Matos as Amante Labrusca
  • Christian Vasquez as Brother Miguel
  • Marco Alcaraz as Lander
  • Mark Manicad as Mayor Tadeo
  • Rolando Inocencio as Doctor Perez


When Sylvia became a CIB officer, she swore to herself that she will do everything in her power to avenge the death of her father killed by five men and to find the culprits that left her brutalized and raped. But for her plans to succeed, she has to manipulate and pretend to be a different person. Sylvia must use all the skills she learned from years of training to capture the mastermind Armando and regain whatever self-respect is left with her.—AFLIX Media Production

About Manipula Movie:

Manipula is a Filipino horror thriller film written and directed by Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan. It stars Ana Jalandoni, Aljur Abrenica, Rosanna Roces, Alan Paule, and Kiko Matos.

The film premiered on May 25, 2024 (Jinseo Arigato International Film Festival).