Vishnu Manchu’s Kannappa Teaser Out with Glimpses of Mohanlal, Prabhas, and Akshay Kumar

Kannappa Teaser Video (Telugu)

Vishnu Manchu starrer the highly anticipated teaser for the upcoming Telugu mythological action film Kannappa, has already generated a lot of excitement among fans. The teaser offers glimpses of several big-name actors, including Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, Baahubali star Prabhas, and Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar.

The teaser introduces the viewer to the film’s setting and provides a first look at Mohanlal’s character, who appears briefly in a warrior’s attire with a heavy beard, dreadlocks, and war paint. Fans of the veteran actor have been thrilled to catch this glimpse and are eagerly awaiting a full reveal of his role in the film.

In addition to Mohanlal, the teaser also features glimpses of Prabhas and Akshay Kumar, who is rumored to be portraying the role of Lord Shiva in the film. The teaser boasts of grand war sequences and the use of primitive weapons, with Vishnu Manchu’s titular character Kannappa taking on a group of bandits.

Directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh, Kannappa is based on the legendary tale of Bhakta Kannappa, a devotee of Lord Shiva, and his ultimate sacrifice for the deity. The film is produced by Mohan Babu and also stars a talented ensemble cast including Preity Mukhundhan, R. Sarathkumar, Brahmanandam, Madhoo, and others.

The official movie release date is yet to be announced. Still, the release of the Kannappa teaser has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among fans, who eagerly await the film’s release to witness the grand mythological spectacle on the big screen.

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