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Mongolian Heart Biography:

Mongolian Heart is the most popular folk and slow rock musical band from Nepal. Mongolian Heart debuted in 1992 but, was commercially established in 1993.

Mongolian Heart is a music band that has brought Nepali songs and music to the world. The band creates countless remarkable songs that will remain popular among future generations.

Quick Information:

Band Name Mongolian Heart
Origin Nepal
Genres Folk/Slow Rock
Years active 1992–present

Journey of Mongolian Heart:

Mongolian Heart debuted in 1992 but, was commercially established in 1993. The lead vocalist Raju Lama and his school friends founded the band.

Raju Lama was interested in singing at a young age. He had an understanding of song and music from an early age. Whenever he got a chance, he would sing and his voice was so melodious that every listener would encourage him to sing.

We all know that a small encouragement can be a great positive power to an emerging artist and it can help him move forward in any situation.

The song “Shayad Timro Baatoma Mero Paila Nahola” was his first recorded song in 1993, and the song became popular all over the country, similarly other songs “Hoi Nana Hoi Nana, Natanu ta Tanu Lagne, Ubho Ubho Khasa, Badal Pari, also become the most popular song. After releasing these songs people are starting to search for singers and bands. Mongolian Heart’s debut album was Soltini (1994).

At that time journey was very difficult for Mongolian Heart to promote their music because the recording studio was very limited, somehow the song was recorded, and there was no source to promote it. As we know at that time newspapers, magazines, radio, and television were only the source to promote things, although they did not have enough money to promote music.

The only way to reach the audience was with a live concert. In this way, he managed to make his identity among the audience through the live concerts.

Gradually, their songs became popular on radio and television, newspapers and magazine start to write about it and the Mongolian Heart became popular in the country, and they received offers for the program from various places.

Slowly, the band has performed around the world extensively. The band has traveled and performed in lots of countries America, Dubai, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hongkong, Japan, Dubai, and so many other countries. The Mongolian Heart band is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary (2075 BS) by performing all over the world.

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Mongolian Heart Band Members:

  • Raju Lama – Vocals/Composer/writer
  • Boby Lama – Rhythem Guitar/Manager
  • Santosh Thapa Magar – Drummer
  • Kiran Nagarkoti – Lead Guitar
  • Pawan Kapali – Bass Guitar
  • Binaya Maharjan – Flute
  • Babu Raj Maharjan – Madal/Percussion
  • Dhipendra Man Singh – Keyboard


  • Sajjan Smriti pop song competition – 1996
  • Winner Band
  • Best Vocal (Nepal) – 1996
  • Best Composition Award – 1996
  • Music Nepal Gold Award – 1999
  • Largest Selling Album of the year – HITS FM Award – 2002
  • Best performance by group or duo – Aha Pop Music Award – 2002
  • Best performance by group or duo – Music Nepal Award – 2002-2003
  • Largest Selling Album of the year – Kantipur FM Annual Award – 2002, 2003 and 2004
  • Most air played song – Image Award – 2007

Music Albums

  • Soltini (1994)
  • Mongolian Heart (1996)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 2 (1999)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 3 (2002)
  • Mongolian Heart Solid Gold (2004)
  • Donbo Tamang Album (2004)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 4 (2006)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 5 (2009)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 6 (2012)
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 7 (2018)

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