Raju Lama Biography, Mongolian Heart, Songs, Albums, Age, Height, Wife, Education, Facts, Family

Raju Lama

Country: Nepal
Nationality: Nepalese
Date of birth: March 16, 1978
Birthplace: Baruwa, Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Raju Lama is a Nepalese singer-songwriter, composer, and an Everester. He is the lead vocalist of the musical band Mongolian Heart. He has been working in the Nepali music industry for more than 30 years.

His work involves songs in Nepali, Tibetan, Tamang, and other languages. Lama is currently based in the US and Nepal. He is one of the coaches in The Voice of Nepal. He is such a down-to-earth person and an inspiration for every new generation. Everyone admires his kindness and humbleness.

Raju Lama Details:

Name Raju Lama
Nepali (नेपाली)राजु लामा
Date of Birth 16 March 1978
Birth Place Baruwa, Sindhupalchok, Nepal
Current Residence Bauddha, Kathmandu, Nepal
New York, USA
Nationality Nepalese
Birthday16 March
Age45 years
Height5′ 3″
Weight64kg (approx)
Parents Sukhbir Lama (father)
Yangchun Lama (mother)
Sister 1 (Lhamu Lama)
Marital Status Married
ChildrenOne (Daughter)
Education Bachelor
Genre Flock, Slow Rock, and Pop
Band Mongolian Heart
Band Established 1993 – Present
Labels Music Nepal, Reeyaz Music, Criss Creations
Debut Song Badaluma Luki Basne
First Hit Songs Ohei Nana Ohei Nana, Natanuta Tanu lLagne, Ubho Ubho Khasa, Badal Pari
Inspiration Male Singer Arun Thapa
Inspiration Female Singer Aruna Lama

Raju Lama Early Life and Education:

Raju Lama Biography, Mongolian Heart, Songs, Albums, Age, Height, Wife, Education, Facts, Family
Raju Lama Childhood Photo

Raju Lama was born in Baruwa 1, Sindhupalchok to parents Sukhbir Lama and Yangchun Lama. Then he moved over to Kathmandu with his sister at the age of five. In Kathmandu, he started his early education and completed his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) at Siddhartha Vanasthali School.

Raju Lama Musical Career:

Raju Lama’s musical journey commenced in his early years when he embarked on singing during his primary schooling despite lacking access to musical instruments. Driven by an innate passion for music, he absorbed inspiration from a television show at a friend’s house, memorized lyrics, and honed his skills through self-practice.

Drawing profound inspiration from esteemed figures like the late Arun Thapa and Aruna Lama, Raju Lama’s talent soon garnered widespread recognition. Encouraged by a school teacher, he briefly attended music classes at Sadhana Kala Kendra. However, balancing academic pursuits alongside his musical aspirations proved challenging, leading him to discontinue formal music education after a month.

Mongolian Heart Members, Songs, Albums, Facts, Photos, Videos

In 1992, during his final years of schooling, Raju Lama co-founded the Mongolian Heart Band with fellow classmates, driven by a shared passion for music. The band’s commercial debut in 1993, featuring Raju Lama as the lead vocalist, marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. At the tender age of 14, their inaugural album “Soltini” (1994) catapulted them into the spotlight.

Despite briefly considering alternative career paths, including aspirations to join the British army or pursue a technical profession, Raju Lama’s unwavering dedication to music steered him towards a different trajectory. The release of their sophomore album “Mongolian Heart” in 1997 further solidified their standing, earning them widespread acclaim.

His global performances have taken him to numerous countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Acknowledging his sister Lhamu Lama’s pivotal role in his journey, Raju attributes much of his success, recognition, and identity to her unwavering support since childhood. Her nurturing guidance from his formative years has been instrumental in shaping his artistic evolution.

Mongolian Heart Band Members:

  • Raju Lama – Vocalist, Songwriter, Composer, Guitar
  • Boby Lama – Rhythm Guitar, Manager, Back Vocalist
  • Kiran Nagarkoti – Lead Guitar
  • Pawan Kapali – Bass Guitar
  • Binaya Maharjan – Flute
  • Babu Raj Maharjan – Madal, Percussion
  • Santosh Thapa Magar – Drum
  • Dhipendra Man Singh – Keyboard

Music Album:

  • Soltani – 1994
  • Mongolian Heart – 1996
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 2 – 1999
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 2 – 2002
  • Mongolian Heart Solid Gold – 2004
  • Donbo Tamang Album – 2004
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 4 – 2006
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 5 – 2009
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 6 – 2012
  • Mongolian Heart Volume 7 – 2018

Awards and Nomination:

  • Sajjan Smriti Pop Song Competition – 1996
  • Winner band
  • Best Vocal (Nepal) – 1996
  • Best Composition Award – 1996
  • Music Nepal Gold Award – 1996
  • Largest Selling Album of the year – Hits FM Award – 2002
  • Best Performance by Group or Duo – Aha Pop Music Award – 2002
  • Best Performance by Group or Duo – Music Nepal Award – 2002 – 2003
  • Largest Selling Album of the Year – Kantipur FM Annual Award – 2002, 2003, and 2004.
  • Most Air Played Song (Nepal) – Image Award – 2007

Social Works:

Raju Lama Biography, Mongolian Heart, Songs, Albums, Age, Height, Wife, Education, Facts, Family

Raju Lama Foundation works to promote education in rural communities in Nepal, where many children are not able to get an education. He did many shows for charities. It particularly specializes in building and providing material for students to be able to receive an education. Raju Lama a firm believer in God, also actively works through the Greenlife Buddhist Society Nepal, an NGO involved in social service, and Nepal Tamang Art and Culture Centre.

Raju Lama Personal Life:

Beyond his musical pursuits, Raju Lama is an avid photographer, enthusiastic traveler, and avid explorer of diverse cultures. On May 16, 2022, Lama climbed Mt. Everest. He climbed Everest to spread the message of climate change. He wanted to raise awareness about how people living in the mountains were directly affected by it. He had climbed Lobuche in 2021.

Raju Lama was married to a Tibetan woman in 2069 BS and now has a daughter. All of his family has been living in New York USA. According to Lama, “he doesn’t want to reveal much about his wife and daughter because his family is not media-friendly.

Raju Lama Photos:

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