Sagun Khadka (Lo-Fi Artist)

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Sagun Khadka Biography (Who is Sagun Khadka?)

Sagun Khadka (also known as Lo-Fi Artist) is an anonymous but popular artist in Nepal. He is the most streamed artist on Spotify with over 200 million-plus streams from 175 countries in 2021. Besides these, his beats have listened to millions of times on YouTube, Apple Music, and SoundCloud as well.

Sagun is also called an anonymous artist because the whole world listens to his composed beats/tracks, but few know who the creator is. According to him, he does not like to appear in the media, he wants to make a name for himself through his work. He is one of the biggest players in Lo-Fi right now.

Sagun is a huge fan and follower of the American rapper J Cole, who shot to fame for his sensitive lyricism and his self-produced beats. Sagun was inspired by J Cole music  & started making music by listening to his song and watching tutorials on youtube at the age of 17. Also, he said that one day he wants to work with J Cole.

“I’ll Keep You Safe” streamed more than 141 million times on Spotify and complete all the criteria to receive the platinum from RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America Certification). This record is obtained by world-famous musicians and singers.

Quick Information:

NameSagun Khadka
BirthplaceBode, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Current ResidenceBode, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Age22 years old (as of 2022)
Height 5′ 8” tall
Weightest. $50k – $100,000
Occupation Music producer, Singer

Sagun Khadka Childhood – Education – Music Career and more

22 years old (as of 2022) Sagun Khadka was born and raised in Bode Bhaktapur. Sagun is good at studying and is a brilliant student in school. He completes his high schooling at V.S. Niketan School and graduate from Islington College, Kathmandu at multimedia, now planning to go to America for further study.

He loved to listen to hip-hop, R&B, jazz music from an early age. While studying at V.S. Niketan, he used to listen to rapper J Cole. He found himself in J Cole songs and music. Then he started to watch and listen to J Cole interviews and music. In an interview, he was even more impressed when he heard that J Cole was composing music himself.

Then he searches J Cole music on Youtube and he also liked to make music beats/tracks. But he had no idea how to create music because he had never seen and did before. After that, he starts to learn to create music from YouTube tutorials. At that time, Sagun was hanging on the computer. He used to scold his family for playing computer games. However, he used to play games as well as learn how to create music on YouTube.

About 6 months after he started learning to compose music, in June 2017 he released his debut solo Instrimunter EP (4-7 track) titled Rhythm on YouTube. Rhythm garnered unexpected reactions from listeners. He was encouraged to create even more bits. He had prepared the EP within a week.

After the success of his debut EP, he started to create more music as well as added his vocal on music. Similarly, sometimes he uses other songs and sometimes makes others sing. He and his friends, Saksham and Sarthak, jointly created the Origami Music Group.

One day while learning to make a beat/track, Sagun heard the cover song ‘I’ll Keep You Safe’ released by Shiloh Dynasty on YouTube (which is originally sung by ‘John Legend’ titled ‘Save Room’). As soon as he heard the song, he liked it, then he created the Lo-Fi version (LO-FI (low fidelity) is a type of sound recording that contains technical flaws that make the recording sound different compared to the live sound being recorded, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response).

After the release of music, it got viral on the internet. One day he got an email from the American radio station ‘Apple Inc’s Beats 1 Radio Station’ to ask permission to play the song. Also, he was introduced to Prophet, a DJ for Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. Prophet offered him a deal with Platoon, a London-based music distributor that partners with creators to market their work, also worked with several other independent artists including Billie Eilish, Rex Orange County and Jorja Smith.

The celebration with Platoon, which has now been acquired by Apple, opened up a whole new world for Sagun. His music began to appear on Apple Music and Spotify, where he has millions of monthly listeners. He also began to receive royalties for his music.

Now his music stream more than 200 million times worldwide. ‘I’ll Keep You Safe’ stream more than 141 million times on Spotify alone, and ‘I’m drunk and confused’ is more than 29 million times.

Beat-making requires no real musical instruments. Everything is done digitally, with programmes that can help anyone put together a sequence of musical tones and effects. Although it might sound simple, beat-making requires an ear for sound and sampling, where an older piece of music is ‘sampled’ and incorporated into a new piece of music. Sagun makes 10 tracks to make a track public and he listens to it more than 20 times before releasing that track publicly.

Sagun wants to learn other musical instruments as well as, work on different genres like Hip-Hop, R&B and so on. Also, he wants to collaborate with international rappers and other Nepali artists such as Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Yubesh Thapa, Oasis Thapa, and so on.

Sagun Khadka Girlfriend and Love Affair. 

Sagun Khadka has no girlfriend or love affairs. He now wants to prioritize his music career.

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