Top 50 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World 2024 [Full List]

Top 50 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World 2024 [Full List]

Here is the full list of the top 50 highest-paid athletes in the world, Forbes’ latest list showcases the top 50 highest-paid athletes globally, revealing staggering figures that highlight the immense wealth generated by these sports icons.

According to Forbes, the world’s 50 highest-paid athletes collectively earned approximately $3.88 billion over the last 12 months before taxes and agents’ fees. This amount reflects a 13% increase from the previous year’s record of $3.44 billion. The majority of this income, around 76% or $2.94 billion, was derived from on-field earnings such as salaries, bonuses, and prize money, partly due to the influx of Middle Eastern investments in sports. The remaining 24%, equivalent to $936 million, came from endorsements, appearances, licensing, memorabilia income, and other business ventures. This off-field income saw a 13% decrease compared to the previous year’s $1.08 billion.

From Cristiano Ronaldo’s reign as the highest-paid athlete to the notable presence of stars like Jon Rahm, Lionel Messi, and LeBron James, we provides insights into the earnings, endorsements, and financial standings of the world’s elite athletes. Explore the financial success and marketability of these sports stars as they continue to redefine the boundaries of earning potential in the realm of professional sports.

List of Top 50 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World:

RankNameSportTotal EarningsOn-the-Field EarningsOff-the-Field Earnings
1Cristiano RonaldoSoccer$260 M$200 M$60 M
2Jon RahmGolf$218 M$198 M$20 M
3Lionel MessiSoccer$135 M$65 M$70 M
4LeBron JamesBasketball$128.2 M$48.2 M$80 M
5Giannis AntetokounmpoBasketball$111 M$46 M$65 M
6Kylian MbappéSoccer$110 M$90 M$20 M
7NeymarSoccer$108 M$80 M$28 M
8Karim BenzemaSoccer$106 M$100 M$6 M
9Stephen CurryBasketball$102 M$52 M$50 M
10Lamar JacksonFootball$100.5 M$98.5 M$2 M
11Joe BurrowFootball$100 M$96 M$4 M
12Kevin DurantBasketball$93.3 M$47.8 M$45.5 M
13Shohei OhtaniBaseball$85.3 M$25.3 M$60 M
14Canelo AlvarezBoxing$85 M$75 M$10 M
15Patrick MahomesFootball$84.4 M$59.4 M$25 M
16Anthony JoshuaBoxing$83 M$75 M$8 M
17Max VerstappenAuto Racing$81 M$76 M$5 M
18Aaron RodgersFootball$80.8 M$71.8 M$9 M
19Rory McIlroyGolf$80.1 M$35.1 M$45 M
20Justin HerbertFootball$78.7 M$67.7 M$11 M
21Lewis HamiltonAuto Racing$69 M$57 M$12 M
22Nick BosaFootball$68 M$66.5 M$1.5 M
23Tiger WoodsGolf$67.2 M$12.2 M$55 M
24Kirk CousinsFootball$62.5 M$60 M$2.5 M
25Klay ThompsonBasketball$62.3 M$43.3 M$19 M
26Damian LillardBasketball$61.9 M$45.9 M$16 M
27Erling HaalandSoccer$61 M$46 M$15 M
28Max ScherzerBaseball$59.9 M$58.9 M$1 M
29Scottie SchefflerGolf$59.2 M$39.2 M$20 M
30Joel EmbiidBasketball$57.7 M$47.7 M$10 M
31Jimmy ButlerBasketball$57.5 M$45.5 M$12 M
32Nikola JokicBasketball$56.1 M$48.1 M$8 M
33James HardenBasketball$55.8 M$35.8 M$20 M
34Luka DoncicBasketball$55.1 M$40.1 M$15 M
35Bradley BealBasketball$54.3 M$46.8 M$7.5 M
36Chris JonesFootball$54.1 M$53.1 M$1 M
37Kawhi LeonardBasketball$53.7 M$45.7 M$8 M
38Mohamed SalahSoccer$53 M$35 M$18 M
39Paul GeorgeBasketball$52.7 M$45.7 M$7 M
40Sadio ManéSoccer$52 M$48 M$4 M
41Brian BurnsFootball$51.7 M$51.5 M$0.2 M
42Tyson FuryBoxing$50 M$42 M$8 M
43Cameron SmithGolf$48 M$44 M$4 M
44Trae YoungBasketball$47.3 M$40.3 M$7 M
45Deshaun WatsonFootball$47 M$46 M$1 M
46Rashan GaryFootball$46.8 M$46.5 M$0.3 M
47Anthony DavisBasketball$46.2 M$41.2 M$5 M
48Zion WilliamsonBasketball$46.1 M$34.1 M$12 M
49Jayson TatumBasketball$45.9 M$32.9 M$13 M
50Devin BookerBasketball$45.2 M$36.2 M$9 M

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