Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Morocco

List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Morocco

RankYouYube Channel NameSubscribersNo. of VideosTotal ViewsCategory
1Saad Lamjarred | سعد لمجرد14.3M1594.2BMusic
2مجربة Mojaraba TV10.8M 2801.4BPeople
3هل تعلم؟9.07M 2,3201.04BEntertainment
42MTV 7.9M 20,6933.8BEntertainment
5Chouftv – شوف تيفي7.55M 191,2695.3BNews
6Zouhair Bahaoui | زهير بهاوي6.93M 1121.4BMusic
7cuisine Halima Filali شهيوات داري6.62M 1,0991.2BPeople
8سكينة Soukaina5.56M102530MEntertainment
9WHITE444 YT 5.52M51153MGames
10Misaha | مساحة5.41M 519485MEntertainment
11موقع الشيخ عبد الباسط عبد الصمد5.33M2,468882MPeople
12إستفد5.19M 2,145569MHow to
13الطريق إلى الجنة Road to Heaven4.86M 216445MEntertainment
14halawiyat karamilla حلويات كراميلا4.44M 1,097504MEducation
15Jamal Alpha 4.3M 1,244612MEntertainment
16MED SPORT 4.2M1,539642MSports
17قناة المحترف | Almohtarif channel4.16M 1,414280MTech
18English Language Academy 4.02M 2,543201MEducation
19RECIPES FOR YOU 4M2,278680MPeople
20Baraka lBaraka 3.82M3151.4BComedy
  • K means thousand
  • M means million
  • B means billion


How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in Morocco?

YouTube’s average payout rate is $0.34 for 1000 views in Morocco. However, the amount of money paid by YouTube for 1000 views can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the viewers, the type of content, and the specific advertising rates at the time of the views.

Which is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Morocco?

Saad Lamjarred | سعد لمجرد is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Morocco with more than 14.3 million subscribers.

Which is the most viewed YouTube channel in Morocco?

Chouftv – شوف تيفي is the most viewed YouTube channel in Morocco, with 5.3 billion views.

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