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2.0 Chhadke

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2.0 Chhadke Movie Details:

Movie Name2.0 Chhadke
Also known asChadke 2
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenreAction, Drama
Release DateMarch 3, 2023
Running Time2hr
CastAnmol KC
Robin Tamang
Kamal Mani Nepal
Directed by Nigam Shrestha
Written byNigam Shrestha
Produced byPrasant Giri
Dev Kumar Shrestha
Cinematography by Masco Singh
Rajendra Sapkota
Edited by Ravi Chaudhary
Lokesh Bajracharya
Music byScore:
Jason Kunwar
Niraj Shakya
Production CompaniesNirvana Film School
Distributor Shree Ram Balaji
Budgetest. Rs 3 crore
Box Office Collectionest. Rs 30 Lakhs

2.0 Chhadke Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Anmol Kc
  • Robin Tamang
  • Kamal Mani Nepal
  • Srijana Subba
  • Devu Shrestha


“Chhadke 2.0” tells the story of a guy named Mendog, whose family gets killed by Gangsters of Manang while fetching YarsaGumba.

About 2.0 Chhadke Movie:

  • Chadke 2.0 (Chadke 2) is a Nepali action drama film written and directed by Nigam Shrestha.
  • It is produced by Prashant Giri & DevKumar Shrestha under the banner of Nirvana Film School.
  • The film features Anmol KC, Resha Ale Magar, Rabin Tamang, Kamalmani Nepal, and many others.
  • 2.0 Chhadke teaser was released on 27 January 2023 via Budha Subba Digital YouTube channel.
  • 2.0 Chhadke was theatrically released on 3 March 2023 (Falgun 19, 2079).