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Aincho Paincho

August 31, 2023
2hr 5min
Status: released

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Aincho Paincho Movie Details:

Movie NameAincho Paincho
Original Titleऐंचो पैंचो
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenrePolitical, Social, Drama
Release DateAugust 31, 2023 (Bhadra 14, 2080)
Running Time2hr 5min
CastSwastima Khadka
Barsha Raut
Buddhi Tamang
Directed by Krisha Chaulagain
Written byAbhimanyu Nirabi
Produced byPritam Lamichhane
Aadhya Lamichhane
Cinematography by Purushottam Pradhan
Edited by Bipin Malla
Bhupendra Adhikari
Music byTsujil Karmacharya
Production CompanyKP Films

Aincho Paincho Movie Cast and Characters:


Aincho Paincho is a social comedy -family drama where a young master degree holder sees the politics through his lens and same time experiences the love of life. He is shattered when he loses the party’s internal election with two votes being ambushed by his friend Sundar and starts married life. Situation brings back him to politics again after being popular in youth and he admits his candidacy in Mayor against the strong candidate Sundar.

About Aincho Paincho Movie:

  • Film producer Krisha Chaulagain is making her directorial debut with social-political drama – Aincho-Paincho.
  • Aincho Paincho was theatrically released on August 31, 2023 (Bhadra 14, 2080).