Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Movie Poster

Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy)

March 8, 2024
2hr 5min
Status: released

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Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Movie Details:

Country India
Language Telugu
GenreAction, Drama
Release dateMarch 8, 2024
Running time2hr 5min
CastArjun Kalyan
MLR (Laxman Varma)
Kushitha Kallapu
Sonali Panigre
Directed by MLR (Laxman Varma)
Written byTBA
Produced byDandu Dilip Kumar Reddy
Cinematography by PS Manikarnan
Edited by D. Venkataprabhu
Music byPavan
Production CompanyDD Creations
Distributor TBA

Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Arjun Kalyan
  • MLR (Laxman Varma)
  • Kushitha Kallapu
  • Sonali Panigre
  • Muralidhar Goud
  • Ravi Varma
  • Badram


The movie follows the respective lives of Kartheek and Sombabu, who face adversity and redemption. What will happen when their lives intersect?

About Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) Movie:

Babu (No.1 Bullshit Guy) is a Telugu action drama film directed by MLR (Laxman Varma). It stars Arjun Kalyan, MLR (Laxman Varma), Kushitha Kallapu, and Sonali Panigre.

The film was theatrically released on March 8, 2024.