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Balada Si Roy

January 19, 2023
1hr 48min
Status: released

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Balada Si Roy Movie Details:

Movie NameBalada Si Roy
Based onBalada Si Roy by Gol A Gong
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreAction, Drama, Romance
Release DateJanuary 19, 2023
Running Time1hr 48min
Age rating16+
CastAbidzar Al Ghifari
Febby Rastanty
Juan Bione Subiantoro
Jourdy Pranata
Directed by Fajar Nugros
Screenplay bySalman Aristo
Produced bySusanti Dewi
Cinematography by Padri Nadeak
Edited by Aline Jusria
Music byBembi Gusti
Tony Merle
Aghi Narottama
Filming locations Banten, Indonesia
Production CompanyIDN Pictures
Distributor Amazon Prime Video

Balada Si Roy Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Abidzar Al Ghifari as Roy
  • Febby Rastanty as Ani
  • Juan Bione Subiantoro as Dullah
  • Jourdy Pranata as Andi
  • Omara N. Esteghlal as Toni
  • Yusuf Mahardika as Edi
  • Zulfa Maharani as Wiwik
  • Fachri Muhammad as Sodik
  • Lulu Tobing as Ratu Astuti
  • Wafda Saifan Lubis as Mumu Gultom
  • Tanta Ginting as Roni Gultom
  • Ramon Y. Tungka as Roy’s Father
  • M. Adhiyat as Young Roy
  • Dede Yusuf as Dullah’s Father
  • Arswendy Bening Swara as Mr. Ajat
  • Kiki Narendra as Ani’s Father
  • Sari Nila as Dewi’s Mother


Roy is a rebellious new student who has to adapt to his new life in a small coastal town. His struggle in the small town leads him on a journey of self-discovery, friendships, love, and showing the true face of Indonesian society in the 1980s.

About Balada Si Roy Movie:

  • The film is based on the novel of the same name by Gol A Gong.
  • The film was originally planned to carry out the shooting process in 2020. However, on December 16, 2020, the shooting process for this film began and wrapped on February 18, 2021.
  • Balada Si Roy premiered as the opening film of Jakarta Film Week 2022 on October 13, 2022. The film was also screened at the BaliMakãrya International Film Festival on October 18, 2022, and at the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival on November 29, 2022.
  • Balada Si Roy was released in Indonesia on January 19, 2023.