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Bayi Ajaib

January 19, 2023
1hr 38min
Status: released

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Bayi Ajaib Movie Details:

Movie NameBayi Ajaib
Based onBayi Ajaib by Tindra Rengat
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Release DateJanuary 19, 2023
Running Time1hr 38min
Age rating18+
CastVino G. Bastian
Adipati Dolken
Desy Ratnasari
T. Rifnu Wikana
Directed by Rako Prijanto
Written byAlim Sudio
Produced byFrederica
Cinematography by Sony Seniawan
Edited by Muhammad Azis Fajri
Music byAndhika Triyadi
Production CompanyFalcon Black Pictures
Falcon Pictures
Distributor Sabay MVP (Cambodia, 2023, theatrical)
TGV Pictures (Malaysia, 2023, theatrical)
Netflix (Indonesia, 2023)

Bayi Ajaib Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Vino G. Bastian as Kosim
  • Adipati Dolken as Dorman
  • Desy Ratnasari as Yuni
  • T. Rifnu Wikana as Soleh
  • Sara Fajira as Sumi
  • Rayhan Cornellis as Didi
  • Anantya Kirana as Rini
  • Willem Bevers as Albert Dominique
  • Derry Oktami as Yasa
  • Endang Rosyid as Kosim’s Guard
  • Dewi Pakis as Emak Atik (MidWife)
  • Cleydoria as Heti (Emak Atik’s Assistant)
  • Davie Brahmanto as Ahmad
  • Banyu Bening as Aris


Kosim (Vino G. Bastian) became rich after finding gold in the river in the village of Hirupbagja. He soon marries Laras (Sara Fajira) and lives a prosperous life as a landlord. When their child, Didi, was born, his soul was possessed by Albert Dominique’s spirit, which was thirsty for blood and terrorized the villagers. Kosim tries to cover up this fact because he is currently running for the new Village Head. He must be able to beat Soleh, who has already won the sympathy of the villagers. But when the spirit threatens his family’s life, Kosim decides to free Didi from the influence of Albert Dominique. To do this, Kosim must confront Dorman, a black sorcerer who wants to avenge his great-grandfather on the people who have destroyed his life.

About Bayi Ajaib Movie:

  • The film is based on the 1982 film of the same name by Tindra Rengat.
  • Bayi Ajaib was released in Indonesia on January 19, 2023.