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Carrie and Superkola

    Carrie and Superkola Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    Carrie and Superkola Movie (2023):

    Carrie and Superkola (Korean: 캐리와 슈퍼콜라; Kae-ri-wa syu-peo-kol-la) is a South Korean animated film directed by Lee Chun-baek and Oh Seong-yoon.

    It stars Choi Ha-ri, Um Sang-hyun, Lee Da-eun-II, and Won Ok-hwa. Carrie and Superkola was theatrically released on January 18, 2023.

    Carrie and Superkola Movie Information:

    Movie NameCarrie and Superkola
    Original title캐리와 슈퍼콜라
    (Kae-ri-wa syu-peo-kol-la)
    Country South Korea
    Language Korea
    Release DateJanuary 18, 2023
    Running Time1hr 19min
    StarringChoi Ha-ri
    Um Sang-hyun
    Lee Da-eun-II
    Won Ok-hwa
    Directed by Lee Chun-baek
    Oh Seong-yoon
    Written byN/A
    Produced byN/A
    Cinematography by N/A
    Edited by N/A
    Music byN/A
    Production CompanyN/A
    Distributed byN/A
    Box Office CollectionN/A

    Carrie and Superkola Movie Trailer:

    Carrie and Superkola Movie Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

    My friend ‘Cola’ has a superpower… ?!

    The alien ‘Master’, who was being chased by the space villain ‘Spector’, accidentally makes an emergency landing on Earth and gets into the body of ‘Kola’, the most precious doll of ‘Carrie’.

    ‘Super Kola’ became Carrie’s one and only secret friend, thanks to her psychic ability to move objects freely!

    But the peace is short-lived. Due to the excessive use of superpowers, ‘Super Cola’ caught on the radar of the ‘Spector’ gang and is eventually captured by the villain’s spacecraft!

    Brave Carrie’s Super Power Kola Rescue Operation!

    Carrie and Superkola Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Choi Ha-ri as Carrie’s voice
    • Um Sang-hyun as Kola’s voice
    • Lee Da-eun-II as Elly’s voice
    • Won Ok-hwa as Kaebin’s voice

    Where To Watch Carrie and Superkola Movie Online (Carrie and Superkola Movie OTT Release Date):


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