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Chow Chow Bath

March 15, 2024
1hr 50min
Status: released

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Chow Chow Bath Movie Details:

Country India
Language Kannada
GenreComedy, Romance
Release date15 March 2024
Running time1hr 50min
StarringAruna Balraj
Sagar Gowda
Sushmitha Bhat
Dhanush S Baikampady
Sankalp Sharma
Prakarsha Shastry
Geetha Bangera
Directed by Kenja Chethan Kumar
Written byKenja Chethan Kumar
Produced byKamadhenu Films
Sanatanay Pictures
Horizzon Movies
Cinematography by Rudramuni Belagere
Edited by Kenja Chethan Kumar
Music byHemanth Jois
Production CompanyHorizzon Movies

Chow Chow Bath Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Aruna Balraj as Sunitha
  • Sagar Gowda as Shashank
  • Sushmitha Bhat as Sandhya
  • Dhanush S Baikampady as Sachin
  • Sankalp Sharma as Sathya
  • Prakarsha Shastry as Saanvi
  • Geetha Bangera as Sneha


Chow Chow Bath much like the dish itself, the narrative has a bunch of flavors interspersed. Three stories run parallel in three different locations. The stories meet at a point in the film and come together as one. The six leads of Chow Chow Bath are at various points of life. Sachin and Saanvi meet at a wedding, Sachin proposes to her almost immediately. But she has her reservations as her elder sister is unmarried. The story then follows their journey of finding her a groom. Shashi sees the love of his life when he is at Majestic (Railway station) to pick his mother up. Sathya, up to no good at a medical camp, falls in love with a girl he meets there.

About Chow Chow Bath Movie:

Chow Chow Bath is a Kannada romantic comedy film written and directed by Kenja Chethan Kumar. Hyperlink cinema is one of the very rarely used narrative structures in the industry.

Produced by Horizzon Movies, the film’s music is composed by Hemanth Jois, while Rudramuni Belagere served as the cinematographer, and Kenja Chethan Kumar has done the editing.

The film was released on 15th March 2024.