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Christmas Full of Grace

November 30, 2022
1hr 45min
Status: released

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Christmas Full of Grace Movie Details:

Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
GenreComedy, Romance
Release dateNovember 30, 2022
Running time1hr 45min
StarringSérgio Malheiros
Gessica Kayane
Vera Fischer
Directed by Pedro Antonio
Written byCarolina García
Fil Braz
Produced by
Carol Alckmin
Dora Amorim
Mayra Lucas
Paulo Serpa
Produced byCarol Alckmin
Dora Amorim
Mayra Lucas
Paulo Serpa
Cinematography by Rodrigo Graciosa
Edited by Leonardo Gouvea
Rená Tardin
Music byZé Ricardo
Production CompanyGLAZ Entertainment
Distributor Netflix

Christmas Full of Grace Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Sérgio Malheiros as Carlinhos
  • Gessica Kayane as Gracia
  • Vera Fischer as Lady Sofia
  • Leticia Isnard
  • Monique Alfradique
  • Leticia Isnard
  • Heitor Martínez
  • Diogo Defante
  • Valéria Vitoriano
  • Nando Cunha
  • Gabriel Louchard
  • Flávia Reis
  • Marianna Armellini
  • Cezar Maracujá
  • Noemia Oliveira
  • Valentina Vieira
  • Victor Meyniel


Carlinhos discovers he’s been cheated on. In an attempt to keep the situation a secret, he takes a stranger with him to a traditional holiday dinner—hosted by his grandmother, the wealthy Lady Sofia. Only it seems as if Grace, the mysterious guest, might be capable of bringing the house down.

About Christmas Full of Grace Movie:

Christmas Full of Grace is a Brazilian Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Pedro Antonio and written by Carolina García and Fil Braz. It stars Sérgio Malheiros, Gessica Kayane and Vera Fischer.

Filming began in November 2021 and ended in early December of the same year.

The film was filmed entirely in Rio de Janeiro in the Leblon neighborhood, located in the South Zone.

Christmas Full of Grace premiered on November 30, 2022 on Netflix.