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Circle Line

January 5, 2023
1hr 20min
Status: released

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Circle Line Movie Details:

Traditional Chinese 生死環線
Simplified Chinese生死环线
Pinyin Shēngsǐ huánxiàn
Country Singapore
Language Mandarin
Release Date5 January 2023
Running Time1hr 20min
StarringJesseca Liu
Peter Yu
Andie Chen
Patrick Pei-hsu Lee
Alan Tan
Johnny Ng
Nathaniel Ng
Ashley Seow
Directed by JD Chua
Written bySiew Pek Chye
Allan Ho
Andrew Chiang Meng Ngin
Produced byJuan Foo
Toong Soo Wei
Kent Chan
Cinematography by James Hia
Music byTeo Wei Yong
Production CompaniesTaipan Films
mm2 Entertainment
Distributed bymm2 Film Distribution

Circle Line Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Jesseca Liu as Yi Ling
  • Peter Yu as Bo Seng
  • Andie Chen as Calvin
  • Patrick Pei-hsu Lee as Ah Nam
  • Alan Tan as Heng
  • Johnny Ng as Uncle Choo
  • Nathaniel Ng as Lucas, the son of Yi Ling.
  • Ashley Seow as Janice


Set in a Southeast Asian city, the story follows a group of commuters on the last subway train home; only to have the train veer off-course and crash into an abandoned tunnel. Stalked by an unknown monster, the remaining commuters – Yi Ling, a withdrawn mother guilt-ridden by her trauma in a car accident that killed her husband and nearly that of Lucas, her son; and Janice, a student dealing with an estranged relationship with her father – must escape and survive the night. When Lucas is taken by the monster, Yi Ling’s maternal instinct is once again tested. Back in the subway control headquarters, duty engineers try to make sense of the situation and rescue the survivors, if there are any.

About Circle Line Movie:

Circle Line is a Singaporean action horror film directed by JD Chua and written by Siew Pek Chye, Allan Ho, and Andrew Chiang Meng Ngin. Produced by Taipan Films and mm2 Entertainment, the film stars Jesseca Liu, Peter Yu, Andie Chen, Patrick Pei-hsu Lee, Alan Tan, Johnny Ng, and Nathaniel Ng.

Principal photography took place in 2018, with the completion of visual effects in late 2019. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local and worldwide film market led to the delay of the intended release of the movie in 2020. Circle Line was released to cinemas in Singapore and Malaysia on 5 January 2023.