Crépuscule pour un tueur Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Crépuscule pour un tueur

March 10, 2023
1hr 45min
Status: released

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Crépuscule pour un tueur Movie Details:

French titleCrépuscule pour un tueur
Also known asDusk for a Hitman
Country Canada
Language French
Release dateFebruary 28, 2023 (RVQC)
Running time1h 45m
Age ratingR
StarringÉric Bruneau
Benoît Gouin
Sylvain Marcel
Rose-Marie Perreault
Directed by Raymond St-Jean
Written byMartin Girard
Raymond St-Jean
Produced byPaul Cadieux
Louis Laverdière
Michel Ouellette
Cinematography by Jean-François Lord
Edited by Philippe Ralet
Music byGaëtan Gravel
Production CompanyLes Productions Megafun
Distributor Filmoption International

Crépuscule pour un tueur Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Éric Bruneau as Donald Lavoie
  • Benoît Gouin as Claude Dubois
  • Rose-Marie Perreault as Francine Lavoie
  • Sylvain Marcel as Roger Burns
  • Simon Landry-Desy as Carl Lavoie
  • Joakim Robillard as Serge
  • Hugues Frenette as Jean-Guy
  • Alexandre Castonguay as Reynald
  • Jean Petitclerc as Gilbert Savard
  • Martin Tremblay as Policier
  • Christophe Levac as Daniel Ouimet
  • Michael Richard as Paul Tremblay
  • Sylvain Massé as Tenancier du taverne
  • Anne-Valérie Bouchard as Thérèse
  • Jérémie Desbiens as Pelletier
  • Marc-André Lapointe as Franky
  • Charles-Aubey Houde as Gardien
  • Paul Zinno as Thomas Collins
  • Alexandra Petrachuk as Nancy Collins
  • Agathe Ledoux as Sophie Lavoie
  • Judith Baribeau as Journaliste
  • Julie Beauchemin as Ambiances
  • Jean-François Beaupré as Lecteur de nouvelles (voix radio)
  • Benjamin Bousquet as Policier
  • Benoît Brière as Policier Dufresne (voix radio)
  • Franco Capocasale as Barbier
  • Guillaume Chapnick as Jeune Lieutenant de Dubois
  • Roy Charles as Barman
  • Eric Clark as SWAT #4
  • Nelson Coronado as Concierge
  • Marc Cournoyer as SWAT
  • Gabrielle Anne Desy as Diane
  • Julie Dombrowski as Femme au mariage
  • Jean-Christoph Dury as Ti-Cul Fontaine
  • Denis Gosselin as Inspecteur de police
  • Alexis Grimard as Camelot
  • Tristan Harvey as Lecteur de nouvelles (voix radio)
  • Jérémy Hurteau as Homme de main
  • Francis Krukowski as SWAT
  • Zoé Lamontagne as Femme au mariage
  • André Latour as Policier
  • Éric Legault as Homme 50 ans
  • Marika Lhoumeau as Lecteur de nouvelles (voix radio)
  • Danick Paquette as Homme de main
  • Christian Perrault as Ambiances
  • Melissa Plante as Femme de Gagnon
  • Charlotte Poitras as Prostituée
  • Frank Romeo as Doublure – Daniel
  • Keven Stever-Levesque as SWAT
  • Stéphane Tessier as Policier


Donald Lavoie is a fearsome hitman who works under the orders of Claude Dubois, the boss of the Montreal South-West mob. The assassin takes under his wing the young rookie Serge Rivard, a hotheaded small-time crook who soon compromises him in a dirty double murder. Thanks to the lawyers dearly paid by the Dubois clan, Donald escapes justice but that’s only a temporary setback for Detective Sergeant Roger Burns, who tries to tries to convince Lavoie to become an informer. To test his killer’s devotion, Dubois asks him to eliminate someone close to him. When he disobeys the order, Donald joins forces with other criminals to plan a bank robbery to finance his exile to the South. Hunted by the Dubois clan on one side and Burns’ investigators on the other, Donald finds himself caught in a tightening vise.

About Crépuscule pour un tueur Movie:

The film is partially based on true events.

It stars Éric Bruneau as Donald Lavoie, a hitman for the Dubois brothers crime gang, as he begins to come under pressure from detective Patrick Burns (Sylvain Marcel) to testify against his bosses in a police investigation, while simultaneously being asked to prove his loyalty to his boss Claude Dubois (Benoît Gouin) following a botched double murder.