Currency Nagar

December 29, 2023
2hr 5min
Status: released

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Currency Nagar Movie Details:

Movie NameCurrency Nagar
Country India
Language Telugu
GenreThriller, Drama
Release Date29 December 2023
Running Time2hr 5min
CastMahesh Yadlapalli
Spandana Sommanna
Rajshekar Aningi
Directed by Vennela Kumar Pothepalli
Written byVennela Kumar Pothepalli
Produced byMukkamula Apparao
Koduru Gopala Krishna
Cinematography by Sathish Rajaboyina
Edited by Sidharth Sadasivuni and Pavan
Production companyUnnati Arts

Currency Nagar Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Mahesh Yadlapalli as Surya, a protagonist with supernatural powers, particularly the ability to experience precognitive dreams.
  • Spandhana Somanna as Geetha, a character grappling with insomnia.
  • Keshava takes on the lead role in the second story.
  • Rajasekhar plays the antagonist in the first story.
  • Sudharshan portrays a mischievous thief.


An unusual conversation between a thief and currency narrated through multiple stories, which explore the human needs and greed in the form of metaphorical comparisons in the movie. It deals with the darkest truths of human nature and money . A thief Satya in dire need of money goes to an abandoned magician’s house at midnight in heavy rain. Satya tries to open a locker for money and locker starts talking to him and tries to send him out by telling different stories.

About Currency Nagar Movie:

Currency Nagar is a Telugu anthology thriller film that delves into the complexities of human desires and the entwined nature of individuals with money. The film is produced by Mukkamala Apparao and Koduru Gopala Krishna under the Unnati Arts banner, with direction by Vennela Kumar Pothepalli.

It features an ensemble cast including Mahesh Yadlapalli, Spandana Somana, Keshava, Gautam Kumar, Rajasekhar, Chandini, and Sudharshan in pivotal roles.

Currency Nagar began with a crowdfunding initiative. Set around the theme of money, eight short stories were selected, with four forming the foundation of the film.

The film, shot against the backdrop of Vijayawada, featured three separate schedules in Penumaka, Vijayawada, Krishna Lanka, and Nuziveedu, involving a cast of 48 artists.

The film was theatrically released on 29 December 2023.