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Cyber Heist

March 9, 2023
1hr 51min
Status: released

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Cyber Heist Movie Details:

Traditional Chinese斷網
Simplified Chinese断网
Hanyu PinyinDuàn Wǎng
JyutpingTyun5 Mong2
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Release Date9 March 2023
Running Time1hr 51min
StarringAaron Kwok
Gordon Lam
Simon Yam
Megan Lai
Kenny Wong
Directed by Danny Wong
Written byPhilip Lui
Howard Yip
Shum Kwan-sin
Produced byCheang Pou-soi
Cinematography by Cheng Siu-Keung
Edited by Tsang Yu-kin
Music byJosh Cruddas
Production CompaniesSil-Metropole Organisation
Sublime Media
Entertaining Power
Media Asia Films
Lian Ray Pictures
Distributed byEdko Films

Cyber Heist Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Aaron Kwok as Kelvin Cheuk Ka-chun (卓家俊), cyber security engineer of Sky Magic Pro and an IT whiz. When he is framed by Kenneth as the fall guy for the latter’s money laundering scheme, he offers to assist the police in finding evidence of Kenneth’s crimes to prove his own innocence.
  • Gordon Lam as Kenneth Chan Ming-chi (陳明志), Kelvin’s superior and CEO of cyber security company Sky Magic Pro who takes advantage of cyber security shortcomings to hack bank accounts for money laundering. Lam states his character will “viciously take on Kwok’s character.”
  • Simon Yam as Ben Suen Ban (孫斌), Inspector of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB).
  • Megan Lai as Sandy To Wing-shan (杜詠珊), Kelvin’s wife.
  • Kenny Wong as Frankie Fan Tak-fu (范德富), information security director of Sky Magic Pro who carries out the hacking process for Kenneth’s money laundering scheme.
  • Tony Wu as Tom, a computer hacker who works for Kenneth.
  • Zeno Koo as Chan Ming-wai (陳明威), Kenneth’s younger brother.
  • Wiyona Yeung as Wong Lam (王琳), a henchwoman working for Mr. Pong.
  • Julius Brian Siswojo as Mike, a hacker living in the United States and Kelvin’s old friend who assists him in finding evidence of Kenneth’s crimes.
  • Patrick Tam as Jason Chow Sai-ho (周世豪), Kelvin’s colleague and friend who is also involved in the money laundering scheme. Tam describes his a character as one who is “difficult to tell whether a friend or foe to Kwok’s character.”
  • Andy Kwong as Mr. Pong (龐老大), the mastermind behind the money laundering scheme.
  • Bonnie Wong as Ching (清姐), Frankie’s secretary.
  • Kathy Yuen as May Fung Mei-lei (馮美莉), Frankie’s wife.
  • Terry Zou as Damon, a henchman working for Mr. Pong.


A computer expert accidentally falls into the conspiracy of online financial crime and has to seize the time to participate in the struggle.

Cyber Heist Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Worldwide CollectionUS$10.2 million

About Cyber Heist Movie:

Cyber Heist, previously known as Disconnected, is a Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Danny Wong and starring Aaron Kwok as a cyber security engineer who develops an AI programme application which can potentially disable all of Hong Kong’s networks. The film co-stars Gordon Lam, Simon Yam and Megan Lai.

Principal photography for Cyber Heist began on 12 June 2020 in Ho Man Tin.

In July 2020, production was temporarily halted due to the third wave outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong before resuming in August. Due to the pandemic affecting Hong Kong’s film market, Aaron Kwok reportedly commanded only 70% of his normal salary to support the industry.

A high tech office set for the film costed HK$2 million to build. Production for Cyber Heist officially wrapped up on 14 October 2020 after filming its final scene in a forest in Nam Sang Wai.

Cyber Heist was theatrically released on 9 March 2023 in Hong Kong. Edko Films has picked up the worldwide distribution rights for the film. [9] On 5 May 2022, the film released its first teaser trailer displaying a slated release date for 2022. The film later released new character posters on 19 January 2023, displaying a slated release year of 2023.