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February 9, 2024
1hr 30min

Dayarani Movie Details:

Original titleदयारानी
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenreSocial, Family, Drama
Release DateFebruary 9, 2024 (माघ २६, २०८०)
Running Time1hr 30min
CastDayahang Rai
Diya Pun
Directed by Maotse Gurung
Written byMaotse Gurung
Produced byMohan Gurung
Kiran Gurung
New It Venture
Kendra Limbu
Maj. Khusiman Gurung
Cinematography by Shailendra D. Karki
Edited by Rajen Puwer
Nimesh Shrestha
Music byScore:
Rohit Shakya
Rajan Raj Siwakoti
Binod Baniya
Manoj Thapa Magar
Production CompaniesMaotse Gurung Films
Baasuri Films
Distributor Station 5
FD Company

Dayarani Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Dayahang Rai
  • Diya Pun
  • Bijay Baral
  • Buddhi Tamang (Guest Appearance)
  • Pramish Gurung
  • Shrisha Kunwar
  • Puskar Gurung
  • Nayan Gurung
  • Tika Ram Ghale
  • Surya Sunwar
  • Rajendra Thapa
  • Sita Devi Gurung
  • Krishti Gurung


“DayaRani” is a heartfelt Nepali family drama that revolves around the poignant journey of a couple grappling with the challenges of infertility. Despite societal expectations and complex family dynamics, the film beautifully portrays the unwavering love and support between the husband and wife as they navigate the emotional and often times hilarious rollercoaster of trying to conceive. “DayaRani” is a touching narrative that delves into the resilience of love in the face of societal pressures, offering a compelling exploration of the couple’s unconditional bond.

About Dayarani Movie:

Dayarani (original title: दयारानी) is a Nepali social family drama film starring Dayahang Rai, Diya Pun and Bijay Baral in the lead roles. The film was written directed and co-produced by Maotse Gurung.

The film marks the directorial debut of Maotse Gurung.

HighlightsNepal unveiled the film’s teaser on January 18, 2024, followed by the trailer on January 29, 2024, via YouTube.

Dayarani was theatrically released by Station 5 on February 9, 2024 (माघ २६, २०८०).

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