El hotel de los líos. García y García 2 Movie Poster

El hotel de los líos

March 24, 2023
1hr 30min
Status: released

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El hotel de los líos Movie Details:

Country Spain
Language Spanish
GenreComedy, Family
Release date17 March 2023 (Málaga)
24 March 2023 (Spain)
Running time1hr 30min
StarringRicardo Castella
Antonio Resines
José Mota
Paz Padilla
Diego Arroba el Cejas
Pepe Viyuela
Meteora Fontana
Directed by Ana Murugarren
Screenplay byAna Murugarren
Ana Galán
Produced byJoaquín Trincado
Cinematography by Josu Inchaustegui
Edited by David Tomás Kinki
Music byAitzol Saratxaga
Production CompanyBlogmedia
Moviegoers AIE
Garbo Produzioni
Distributor Buena Vista International

El hotel de los líos Movie Cast & Characters:

  • José Mota as Javier García
  • Pepe Viyuela as Javier García
  • Paz Padilla as Martina
  • Antonio Resines as Alberto Flecha
  • Diego Arroba “El Cejas”
  • Carla Chiorazzo as Luna
  • Carlos Morollón as Lucas
  • Daniela Casas as Lola
  • Mikel Losada as Benito Camarena
  • Meteora Fontana
  • Ricardo Castella
  • Pablo Fernández
  • Ettore Colombo


After taking over a dilapidated little hotel, bought by mistake at an auction for an exorbitant price, the Garcías live a new adventure, helped, much to their regret, by a group of gifted children who stay at the hotel to attend the Final. of Talents. Together they will face the gangster Benito Camarena, who will try to snatch the loot hidden in the hotel from the Garcías.

About El hotel de los líos Movie:

El hotel de los líos. García y García 2 is a sequel to 2021 film García y García.

The film was presented in the non-competitive ‘Málaga Premiere’ section of the 26th Málaga Film Festival on March 17, 2023.

El hotel de los líos was released theatrically in Spain on March 24, 2023 by by Buena Vista International.