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    Gargi Movie (2022) Cast, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection

    Gargi Movies (2022):

    Gargi is a Tamil legal thriller drama film written by Hariharan Raju and Gautham Ramachandran, and directed by Gautham Ramachandran. The film is produced by Ravichandran Ramachandran, Thomas George, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Gautham Ramachandran under the banner of Blacky, Genie & My Left Foot Productions.

    It stars Sai Pallavi and Kaali Venkat in the lead roles. The film’s music is composed by Govind Vasantha with cinematography handled by Sraiyanti and Premkrishna Akkatu and editing done by Shafique Mohamed Ali. Gargi was released on 15 July 2022 and received critical acclaim from critics who praised the cast performances, the script, the direction, and the social message.

    Gargi Movie Information:

    Movie NameGargi
    Country India
    Language Tamil
    Release Date15 July 2022
    Running Time2h 20m
    StarringSai Pallavi
    Kaali Venkat
    Directed by Gautham Ramachandran
    Written byHariharan Raju
    Gautham Ramachandran
    Produced byRavichandran Ramachandran
    Thomas George
    Aishwarya Lekshmi
    Gautham Ramachandran
    Cinematography by Sraiyanti
    Premkrishna Akkattu
    Edited by Shafique Mohamed Ali
    Music byGovind Vasantha
    Production CompanyBlacky, Genie & My Left Foot Productions
    Distributor 2D Entertainment
    Sakthi Film Factory
    Paramvah Studios
    Budgetest. ₹5 crore
    Box Office Collectionest. ₹12 crore

    Gargi Movie Trailer:

    Gargi Movie Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

    Gargi is a school teacher from a struggling family consisting of her dad Brahmanandam who works as a security guard in an apartment building, her mom who sells homemade rice batter and her younger sister Akshara who’s in middle school. Their life becomes chaos when dad is accused along with 4 other men of having assaulted a child. Gargi is steadfast in her resolve to prove her dad’s innocence, as he’s her hero, having protected her as a child from a perverted teacher, encouraging her to stand up to such evil.

    At the receiving end of public hatred, they’re abandoned even by a family friend who’s a successful lawyer. But his assistant, a no-note lawyer, Indrans Kaliaperumal, agrees to represent them as he has no reputation to lose. At the hearing, while questioning the investigating officer, Indrans uncovers that the victim was wrongly medicated with a high dose of barbiturates, thus rendering her testimony (identifying Brahmanandam as the culprit) inadmissible.

    Further, he meets the victim’s dad, who reveals that it was he who made her identify Brahmanandam (certain of his guilt), as she was catatonic with trauma, unable to function at all. All this puts into question the evidence, this enabling him to obtain conditional bail for Brahmanandam.

    When her dad’s colleague, who had earlier claimed to have been at home all day on the fateful day, inadvertently reveals that he, in a drunken stupor, had actually been the first to discover the child lying there, and had alerted Brahmanandam, Gargi starts doubting her dad’s claims that he’d been drinking at that time. She confirms her suspicions by visiting the child again and showing her a picture of the 5th culprit.

    It’s revealed, when the child identifies him, that Brahmanandam was indeed the culprit, leading to his arrest and conviction. Gargi takes a moment outside, to quietly come to terms with this horror. As the credits roll, we discover that she and her family have moved on, having reconciled with the victim and her dad. – Wikipidea

    Gargi Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Sai Pallavi as Gargi, a school teacher
    • Kaali Venkat as Indrans Kaliyaperumal, Junior lawyer who helps Gargi
    • R. S. Shivaji as Brahmanandam
    • Kavithalaya Krishnan as Public Prosecutor
    • Saravanan as Kundhava
    • Sudha S as Judge
    • Prathap as Bennix Jayaraj
    • Rajalakshmi P as Gargi’s mother
    • Livingston as Sandra’s father
    • Aishwarya Lekshmi as Ahalya
    • Kalesh Ramanand as Pazhani
    • Jayaprakash as Banuprakash
    • Regin Rose as Saravanan’s relative
    • Nakkalites Dhanam as Saravanan’s relative
    • Bigil Siva as Young Gargi’s teacher
    • Prajuna Sarah as Aksarah

    Gargi Movie Soundtrack:

    The film’s soundtrack is composed by Govind Vasantha while lyrics are written by Karthik Netha.

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    Where To Watch Gargi Movie Online (Gargi Movie OTT Release Date):


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