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August 4, 2023
1hr 45min
Status: released

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Gitling Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateAugust 4, 2023
Running time1hr 45min
Age ratingPG
StarringGabby Padilla
Ken Yamamura
Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Directed by Jopy Arnaldo
Written byJopy Arnaldo
Produced byAaron Robert Ang
Jopy Arnaldo
Erwin Blanco.
KC Contrevida.
Kirstie Contrevida
Anthony Charles Coralejo
Mycko David
Patricia Carolina Del Rosario
Arielle Kaye Go
Kara Rhounimi
Emile Tanglao
Madonna Tarrayo
Joseph Teoxon
Cinematography by Mycko David
Edited by Lawrence Ang
Music byEmmanuel Aguila
Production CompanyGo Motion
Mavx Productions
Narra Post-Production Studios

Gitling Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Gabby Padilla as Jamie Lazaro
  • Ken Yamamura as Makoto Kanno
  • Emmanuel Dela Cruz
  • Carlos Sison as Anton Locsi


Jamie just called off her engagement from the one person who was supposed to. Makoto ran away to the Philippines to escape their wife who cheated on him two years ago. Their paths cross in Bacolod where they work together and create Ilonggo subtitles for Makoto’s film. Together, as they go through the filmmaking process, they find solace in a friendship they never knew they needed.

About Gitling Movie:

Gitling was released on August 4, 2023.