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December 25, 2023
1hr 52min
Status: released

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GomBurZa Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Spanish
Release dateDecember 25, 2023
Running time1hr 52min
Age ratingPG
StarringDante Rivero
Cedrick Juan
Enchong Dee
Directed by Pepe Diokno
Written byRodolfo C. Vera
Pepe Diokno
Produced byPauline Mangilog-Saltarin
Ernestine Tamana
Cinematography by Carlo Canlas Mendoza
Edited by Ben Tolentino
Music byTeresa Barrozo
Production CompanyJesuit Communications
MQuest Ventures
CMB Film Services
Distributor Solar Pictures

GomBurZa Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Dante Rivero as Padre Mariano Gomez de los Ángeles: A member of the Gomburza.
  • Cedrick Juan as Padre José Apolonio Burgos y García: A member of the Gomburza.
  • Enchong Dee as Padre Jacinto Zamora y del Rosario: A member of the Gomburza.
  • Ketchup Eusebio as Francisco Zaldua: A civilian who is executed alongside the Gomburza.
  • Piolo Pascual as Padre Pedro Pelaez: The mentor of Padre Burgos.
  • Elijah Canlas as Paciano Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda: One of Padre Burgos’s students and the older brother of José Rizal.
  • Tommy Alejandrino as Felipe Buencamino: One of Padre Burgos’s students.
  • Jaime Fabregas as Archbishop Gregorio Meliton Martinez
  • Khalil Ramos as José Rizal: The younger brother of Paciano.
    • Alexandre Lucas Martin as young Jose Rizal (aged 10)
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Francisco Rizal Mercado: The father of Paciano and Jose. Lazaro reprises his role from the 1998 film, José Rizal.
  • Sue Prado as Teodora Alonso Realonda: The mother of Paciano and Jose.
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Máximo Inocencio
  • Epy Quizon as Joaquin Pardo de Tavera
  • Brian Sy as Crisanto delos Reyes
  • Paolo O’Hara as Antonio Regidor
  • Bombi Plata as Enrique Paraiso
  • Leo Rialp as Padre Jose Mosqueda
  • Nanding Josef as Padre Miguel de Laza
  • Kuya Manzano as Padre Tressera
  • Arnold Reyes as Sergeant Fernando La Madrid
  • Jomari Angeles as Lt. Manuel Montesinos
  • Giovanni Baldeserri as General Felipe Ginovés
  • Carlos Siguion-Reyna as Bishop Francisco Gainza
  • Jerry O’Hara as Bishop Romualdo Jimeno
  • Jon Achaval as Padre Corominas
  • Sheenly Gener as Zaldua’s wife
  • Danna Simbre as Inocencio’s wife
  • Marco Lobregat as Carlos María de la Torre y Navacerrada
  • Borja Saenz De Miere as Rafael Izquierdo y Gutiérrez
  • Timothy Castillo as Sgt. Bonifacio Octavo
  • DMs Boongaling as Recoleto main servant
  • Gerardo Kaimo as Rafael Echague
  • Dylan Ray Talon as Hermano Pule
  • Gary Guarino as Andrés Bonifacio
  • Floyd Tena as Executioner


A powerful and moving historical drama that tells the courageous story of three Filipino Catholic priests: Mariano Gomez, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora.  

GomBurZa Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Worldwide Collection₱53 million

About GomBurZa Movie:

GomBurZa was produced under Jesuit Communications and MQuest Ventures, in collaboration of CMB Film Services. Pepe Diokno is the director, who was motivated by patriotism to create the film.

The film focuses on the rise of the secularization movement led by Roman Catholic priest Pedro Pelaez in the Spanish Philippines as well as the struggles and execution of the eponymous trio priest, the Gomburza. This was his first historical film.

The production team said they gave focus on historical accuracy for GomBurZa. They coordinated with historians and the Jesuits in creating the film. Among them was Jesuit priest and Ateneo de Manila University professor René Javellana.

Director Diokno however added that they have to utilize some creative liberties to fill in the gaps, such as the portrayal of Francisco Zaldua a fourth priest who was killed alongside the Gomburza whose role in history is still debated.

GomBurZa will premiere in cinemas in the Philippines on December 25, 2023, as one of the official entries of the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival.