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Gunyo Cholo Movie Details:

Original titleGunyo Cholo: A Girl Coming of Age Story
Also known asGulabi
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenreSocial, Drama
Release date2024 (expected)
Running timeTBA
StarringNajir Husen
Directed by Samundra Bhatta
Written bySamundra Bhatta
Samundra Bhatta
Najir Husen
V. Vansay Zanubon
Produced bySamundra Bhatta
Aakash Budhathoki
V. Vansay Zanubon
Cinematography by Aalok Shukla
Edited by Michael Hering
V. Vansay Zanubon
Music byMarcello De Francisci
Production Design byVijay Bashyal
Production CompanySky Ocean Entertainment
Vzion Entertainment
Sabsung Studios
Distributor TBA

Gunyo Cholo Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Najir Husen as Gulabi
  • Sanchita Luitel as Savitri
  • Bishal Pahari as Kul Bahadur
  • Sushil Sitaula as Indra
  • Rajkumar Ghos as Rahul
  • Anupam Shrestha as Sital
  • Nisha Bajgain


The only male descendant of a patriarchal retired Army General, Gulabi (Najir Husen), is being groomed by his father to follow in his footsteps into a career in the military. As a young boy, he struggles to understand his true identity. Furious and deeply ashamed, his austere father discovers his son’s aspirations to become a trans-woman. His father disowned him from the family’s home in the village, and to survive, much to his chagrin, he has no alternative but to lead a life of dancing and prostitution in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. (Gunyo Cholo is a traditional dress worn by girls in the Nepali culture that marks the ‘coming of age’.)

Gunyo Cholo Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Opening DayTBA
Domestic CollectionTBA
International CollectionTBA
Worldwide CollectionTBA

About Gunyo Cholo Movie:

Gunyo Cholo is an upcoming Nepali social drama film directed by Samundra Bhatta. It stars Najir Husenin tutor role. Najir is portraying a transgender person.

The film was initially titled Gulabi, which was later changed to Gunyo Cholo.

The film will be theatrically released in 2024.