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GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie (2022) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie (2022):

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery is a Nepali action war film written and directed by Pradeep Shahi and produced by Madhu Gurung & Prayas Gurung under the banner of Shy Production Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    It stars Samir Gurung, Stuart Walker, Gaumaya Gurung, Olly Bassi, Surya Gurung, Rajan Gurung, Agostino Oberhofer, Robin Friberg, Charlie Morel, Jack Cronin, Michael Lee, and Syon Sahi.

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie Information:

    MovieGURKHA: Beneath The Bravery
    Release date10 September 2022
    (24 Bhadra 2079)
    (Rs 60 lakhs)
    Base onLate Sergeant Kulbir Thapa’s true story
    StarringPradeep Shahi
    Directed byPradeep Shahi
    Written byPradeep Shahi
    Produced byMadhu Gurung
    Prayas Gurung
    CinematographerNikko Pratap Gurung
    Amrit Gurung
    EditorRupesh Gurung
    Music byBishwo Shahi
    Production companyShy Production Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie Trailer:

    Gurkha Movie Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

    Inspired by true events of Late Sergeant Kulbir Thapa during the First World War who was the first Gurkha to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British military honour. This is a non-profit movie and a tribute to the legacy of Gurkhas.

    25th September 1915, British forces launched a major attack on the German position at Loos, France, hence commencing the Battle of Loos. Kulbir Thapa, a 26 yrs old Rifleman in the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles, was in one of the leading companies venturing deep into German lines, and it was the first time he had been under fire and short-lived hope of survival was all gone when he was severely wounded.

    A survival story behind the enemy line itself is a praiseworthy tale of bravery but his story didn’t finish there. What unfolds next is a legendary tale of self-sacrifice, compassion, and friendship. The next day, on 26th September, for a fleeting moment, amidst burnt and grime filled no man’s land, he displayed much greater heroism than war- humanity. This earned him the first-ever Victoria Cross for Gurkhas but most importantly, on the day, it brought both British and German together, to acknowledge the sheer willpower of Gurkha

    GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Samir Gurung as Kulbir Thapa
    • Stuart Walker as Bill Keightley
    • Gaumaya Gurung as Maiya
    • Olly Bassi as Capt Alex Baumann
    • Surya Gurung as Riddhiman Rai
    • Rajan Gurung as Bir Bahadur Gurung
    • Agostino Oberhofer as Sgt Max Muller
    • Robin Friberg as Pte Mikel Kaufmann
    • Charlie Morel as Pte Connor Sefton
    • Jack Cronin as Pte Percy Kellard
    • Michael Lee as Sgt Stephen Freeman
    • Syon Sahi as Kulbir’s Son

    Where To Watch GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie Online (GURKHA: Beneath The Bravery Movie OTT Release Date):

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