Harishchandra (First Nepali Movie 1951) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection

Harishchandra (First Nepali Movie 1951)

September 14, 1951
1hr 45min
Status: released

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Harishchandra Movie Details:

Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Budget INR 1 lakh 30 thousand
Release date 14 September 1951
Running time 1hr 45min
Starring Prem Najir
Pasang Lhamu (Also known as Kanta)
Bal Bahadur Pariyar
Dilu Singh Kshetri
D.B. Pariyar
Tilak Shankar
Sagar Dutta Koirala
Rosy Mary
Directed by Sangh Rathi
Dialogue by D.B. Pariyar
Produced by TP Chaurasiya, SP Mookarji
Cinematographer Suresh Dash
Music by D.B. Pariyar
Banner Bihar National Movietone

Harishchandra Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Prem Najir as Harishchandra
  • Pasang Lhamu (Also known as Kanta) as Tarmati
  • Shiladevi as Apsara Menaka
  • Bal Bahadur Pariyar as Rishi Vishwamitra
  • Dilu Singh Kshetri as Disciple of Rishi Vishwamitra
  • D.B. Pariyar as Disciple of Rishi Vishwamitra
  • Tilak Shankar as Rohit
  • Sagar Dutta Koirala
  • Rosy Mary


The first Nepali film ‘Harishchandra’ is based on the story of a mythological-religious environment.

About Harishchandra Movie:

Harishchandra (Nepali: हरिश्चन्द्र) was the first Nepali-language religious movie, which was released on 14 September 1951. The film was produced in Kolkata, India. Apart from the Nepali language, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali languages are also mixed in the dialogue of the film.

Although the name of the first Nepali movie has been mentioned by some as ‘Satya Harishchandra’ and by some as ‘Raja Harishchandra’, this poster confirms that the real name of the movie is only “Harishchandra”.

Harishchandra was directed by Sangh Rathi and produced by TP Chaurasiya and SP Mookarji, while the dialogue and music were composed by D.B. Pariyar. Starring Prem Najir, Pasang Lhamu (Also known as Kanta), Shiladevi, Bal Bahadur Pariyar, Dilu Singh Kshetri, D.B. Pariyar, Tilak Shankar, Sagar Dutta Koirala, Rosy Mary.

At that time, the film was released at 111 centres (Now Cinema Hall). At the Capital Cinema Hall in Darjeeling, the movie is said to have been housefull for about 4-5 weeks.

According to the source, prince Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev had given INR Rs 15,000 to produce ‘Harishchandra’, but this has not been confirmed so far.