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Ipar Adalah Maut

May 16, 2024

Ipar Adalah Maut Movie Details:

Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Release dateMay 16, 2024
Running timeTBA
CastDeva Mahenra
Michelle Ziudith
Davina Karamoy
Alesha Fadillah
Dewi Irawan
Directed by Hanung Bramantyo
Written byOka Aurora (screenplay)
Eliza Sifa (story)
Produced byManoj Punjabi
Cinematography by Denmas Ipung
Edited by Wawan I. Wibowo
Music byRicky Lionardi
Production companiesMD Pictures
Dapur Film

Ipar Adalah Maut Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Deva Mahenra as Aris
  • Michelle Ziudith as Nisa
  • Davina Karamoy as Rani
  • Alesha Fadillah as Raya
  • Dewi Irawan as Nisa & Rani’s Mother
  • Devina Aureel
  • Asri Welas
  • Nyimas Ratu Rafa
  • Toby Armstrong
  • Adam Farrel
  • Rukman Rosadi
  • Susilo Nugroho


Love is unpredictable. NISA gets engaged with ARIS, a brilliant professor who has a fascinating personality. Their marriage appears to be a picture-perfect fairytale, especially after the birth of their first child, RAYA. However, just like love, problems also arise out of the blue. Nisa’s mother entrusts her second daughter, RANI, to live with Aris and Nisa. Initially, Rani keeps her distance from Aris. It does not last long though, before the window to a forbidden relationship is opened. Behind Nisa’s back, he develops an affair with his wife’s sister.

About Ipar Adalah Maut Movie:

Ipar Adalah Maut is an upcoming Indonesian drama film directed by Hanung Bramantyo and written by Oka Aurora (screenplay) and Eliza Sifa (story). The film stars Deva Mahenra, Michelle Ziudith, Davina Karamoy, Alesha Fadillah, and Dewi Irawan.

The filming occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ipar Adalah Maut is scheduled to be released theatrically in Indonesia on May 16, 2024.

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