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Iron Man 2

May 7, 2010
2hr 5min
  • Iron Man 2 is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man.
  • It is the sequel to Iron Man (2008), and the third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and part of Phase One of the MCU.
  • A sequel, Iron Man 3, was released on May 3, 2013.
  • Following the critical and commercial success of Iron Man in May 2008, Marvel Studios announced and immediately set to work on producing a sequel.
  • In July, Theroux was hired to write the script and Favreau was signed to return as director. Downey, Paltrow, and Jackson were set to reprise their roles from Iron Man, while Cheadle was brought in to replace Terrence Howard in the role of James Rhodes.
  • In the early months of 2009, Rourke (Vanko), Rockwell, and Johansson filled out the supporting cast.
  • Filming took place from April to July 2009, mostly in California as in the first film, except for a key sequence in Monaco. Unlike its predecessor, which mixed digital and practical effects, the sequel primarily relied on computer-generated imagery to create the Iron Man suits.
  • In January 2010, IMAX Corporation, Marvel, and Paramount announced that the film would receive a limited release on digital IMAX screens. It was not shot with IMAX cameras, so it was converted into the format using the IMAX DMR technology. The film underwent reshoots in February.
  • Olivia Munn’s original role was cut, but she was given a new role during the reshoots.
  • Iron Man 2 premiered at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on April 26, 2010, and was released in 6,764 theaters (48 IMAX) across 54 countries between April 28 and May 7, before going into general release in the United States on May 7, 2010. In the United States, it opened at 4,380 theaters, 181 of which were IMAX. The international release date of the film was moved forward to increase interest ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Association football tournament. Iron Man 2 is part of Phase One of the MCU. The film received praise for its action sequences and performances, although critics deemed it to be inferior to the first film.
  • On September 28, 2010, the film was released by Paramount Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray. The film was also collected in a 10-disc box set titled “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled”, which includes all of the Phase One films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on April 2, 2013.
  • The sequel grossed over $623.9 million at the worldwide box office, making it the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2010.
  • It received an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects.
  • Author Alexander C. Irvine adapted the script into a novel, also titled Iron Man 2, that was released in April 2010. Prior to the film release, Marvel Comics released a four-issue miniseries comic book titled Iron Man vs Whiplash, which introduced the film’s version of Whiplash into the Marvel Universe. A three-issue prequel miniseries titled Iron Man 2: Public Identity was released in April.
  • An Iron Man 2 video game was released by Sega on May 4, 2010, in North America, written by The Invincible Iron Man scribe Matt Fraction.

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