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August 18, 2023
2hr 2min
Status: released

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Junior Movie Details:

Country India
Language Punjabi
Release dateAugust 18, 2023
Running time2hr 2min
StarringKabir Bedi
Kabir Singh
Amiek Virk
Directed by Harman Dhillon
Written byAmiek Virk
Produced byJagjit Singh Rinku
Shamsher Sandhu
Amarinder Singh
Amarinder Singh
Amiek Virk
Cinematography by Parvaez K.
Edited by Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Production CompanyNadar Films
Distributor The Next Film Studios

Junior Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Kabir Bedi
  • Kabir Singh
  • Amiek Virk
  • Yograj Singh
  • Srishti Jain
  • Simmerpal Singh
  • Pardeep Cheema
  • Ajay Jethi
  • Rony Singh
  • Pradeep Rawat
  • Ram Aujla
  • Chirag Gill
  • Mikayel Abazyan as Paul
  • Jasleen Rana
  • Mariam Roinishvili
  • Karan Gaba


A cold-blooded assassin comes out of six years of hiding when his daughter becomes prey to a heinous plan executed by the mafia. The incident stirs up a storm inside Junior and he rampages through the worlds of all culprits to avenge his daughter.

About Junior Movie:

Junior is a Punjabi Action film directed by Harman Dhillon and written by Amiek Virk. It stars Kabir Bedi, Kabir Singh,and Amiek Virk.

Junior was theatrically released on August 18, 2023.