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December 25, 2023
1hr 31min
Status: released

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Kampon Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateDecember 25, 2023
Running time1hr 31min
Age ratingR
StarringDerek Ramsay
Beauty Gonzalez
Directed by King Palisoc
Written byDodo Dayao
Story byKing Palisoc
Produced byPatricia Sumagui
Josabeth Alonso
Cinematography by Kara Moreno
Edited by Benjamin Tolentino
Music byJazz Nicolas
Mikey Amistoso
Production CompanyQuantum Films
Brightlight Productions
Distributor Quantum Films

Kampon Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Derek Ramsay (left), Beauty Gonzalez (center-left), and Erin Espiritu (carried by Gonzalez)
  • Derek Ramsay as Clark, the male protagonist of the film and Eileen’s husband of eight years. The couple has no children of their own. Clark is a police officer who has a secret past. The role was specifically written for Ramsay. In 2019, Ramsay was unavailable at the time which made the producers consider Gabby Concepcion to portray the character instead. Ramsay broke his hiatus for the film upon the request of producer Joji Alonso. Ramsay expressed being challenged by the portrayal given that horror is not a typical genre for him.
  • Beauty Gonzalez is Eileen, the female protagonist of the film and Clark’s wife of eight years. The couple has no children of their own. Kris Aquino was to fill this role, but Gonzalez would ultimately play as Eileen.
  • Erin Espiritu is Jade, a girl who claims to be Clark’s child whom Clark and Eileen welcomed to their home. Supernatural incidents occur shortly after. The role of Jade was filled through auditioning. Espiritu was a contestant in the child pageant segment “Mini Miss U” of It’s Showtime. An acting coach and psychologist was hired for Espiritu to help her fulfill her role.
  • Zeinab Harake as Loreta, a woman Clark had a one-night stand with. Despite Clark being infertile, she claims him to be the father of her child. Kampon is the first-ever acting project for Harake, better known for being a vlogger. Her appearance is billed as an introductory role.


After 8 years of marriage, a childless couple named Clark and Eileen meet a little girl who one day, came knocking at their door claiming to be Clark’s child. Despite the unexpected situation, the wife accepts the child and temporarily fosters her while figuring out the next steps. Meanwhile, Clark investigates the child’s history while Eileen begins to develop an odd and eerie relationship with the child.  

About Kampon Movie:

Kampon was produced under Quantum Films with King Palisoc as the director.

Kampon was a submission for the Metro Manila Film Festival as early as for the 2019 edition. The original lead actors were Kris Aquino and Derek Ramsay. However Ramsay was unavailable due to prior commitments with a television series with GMA Network. Ramsay was replaced by Gabby Concepcion as the male lead but production was not able to be completed in time. Consequentially Kampon was disqualified as an entry for the 2019 festival.

Kampon was re-submitted as a script entry for the 2023 edition. Ramsay is now available for the film project, with Beauty Gonzalez as his on-screen partner. This marks as Ramsay’s return to acting who has been on hiatus.

It took four years to produce Kampon. The film also made use of storyboards to plan all of its scenes, which in the Philippines is more typically used by advertising agencies. This resulted to more shots being made per sequence; to up to 36 shots per sequence. This surpass the average of six shots per sequence in typical romance, drama, and comedy films according to producer Alonso

Kampon will premiere in cinemas in the Philippines on December 25, 2023, as one of the official entries of the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Kampon was supposed to premiere in the 2019 edition but was disqualified due to production issues related to casting. Sunod was named as its replacement.