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Legend of the White Dragon

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Legend of the White Dragon Movie Details:

Country United States
Language English
GenreScience-fiction superhero
Release date2024
Running timeTBA
Age ratingTBA
StarringJason David Frank
Aaron Schoenke
Mayling Ng
David Ramsey
Andrew Bachelor
Jason Faunt
Ciara Hanna
Mark Dacascos
Michael Madsen
Directed by Aaron Schoenke
Written byAlex Kellerman
Aaron Schoenke
Produced byBen Dukes
Aaron Schoenke
Sean Schoenke
Cinematography by Aric Abraham
Edited by TBA
Music bySean Schoenke
Production CompanyBat in the Sun Productions
Bascule Productions Ltd.
Distributor Falling Forward Films

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Jason David Frank as Erik Reed / White Dragon: A former superhero, harnessing the power of the White Dragon crystal to gain superhuman abilities, and armor.
  • Aaron Schoenke as Jai Katua / Dragon Prime: A man seeking revenge against Erik Reed, harnessing half of the White Dragon crystal to gain its power.
  • Jason Faunt as Connor Frost: Erik Reed’s closest friend and one of his main allies.
  • Rachele Brooke Smith as Iris Maine: One of Erik Reed’s main allies and friends.
  • Mark Dacascos as Xang: A warrior monk, tasked with protecting the White Dragon crystal.
  • David Ramsey as Mayor Trevon Sterns: The Mayor of Virtuo City, determined to bring Erik Reed to justice for his alleged crimes.
  • Cerina Vincent as Rebecca Reed: Erik Reed’s wife and mother of his daughter, Ashley.
  • Michael Madsen as Max Reed: Erik’s estranged father and a renowned jewel thief.
  • Jenna Rae Frank as Ashley Reed: Rebecca and Erik’s teenaged daughter.
  • Ciara Hanna as Vanessa
  • Andrew Bachelor as URI, an outer-dimensional mentor to Erik and his allies.
  • Mayling Ng as Tek Boh, a tough Virtuo police officer hunting Erik Reed
  • Kevin Porter as Brian ‘Lighthouse’ Clayton, a grizzled detective
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan as Jade, a fellow monk alongside Xang.


After three years of forced hiding as a fugitive, former superhero, Erik Reed returns to the city he swore to protect. His goal: to clear his name and reunite with the family he keeps secret.

Only one thing stands in his way: the mysterious Dragon Prime, who will stop at nothing to enact his revenge on the White Dragon.

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Opening DayTBA
Domestic CollectionTBA
International CollectionTBA
Worldwide CollectionTBA

About Legend of the White Dragon Movie:

Legend of the White Dragon is an upcoming American science-fiction superhero film directed by Aaron Schoenke and was crowdfunded through Kickstarter scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024. It reunites Power Rangers actors Jason David Frank (in his final role before his death), Jason Faunt, Cerina Vincent and Ciara Hanna. It also stars Aaron Schoenke, Mayling Ng, David Ramsey, Andrew Bachelor, Mark Dacascos, and Michael Madsen.

On July 18, 2019, a Kickstarter campaign was launched, hoping to find production for the film. With a goal of $500,000, Johnny Yong Bosch, Jason Faunt and Ciara Hanna had signed on, along with Jason’s daughter, Jenna Rae Frank. Unfortunately, the campaign ended on August 18, 2019, unsuccessful in reaching its goal.

A second campaign began on March 20, 2020 and lasted for 60 days, this time with a budget for a $100,000 mini-series, but offered a new stretch goal of $500,000 for a feature film. The initial goal was met in 11 days, and the campaign ended on May 27, 2020 with $508,578 raised, meeting the goal for a feature film. Due to scheduling conflicts, Bosch left the project.

Near the end of the campaign, the main cast was announced. Jason Faunt, Ciara Hanna and Jenna Frank remained from the original cast, joined by Rachele Brooke Smith and Andrew Bachelor. Throughout production, several more cast members were announced, including Mayling Ng, Mark Dacascos and Michael Madsen. Production began in May 2021 in Los Angeles, lasting for 42 days.

In December 2021, David Ramsey and Cerina Vincent were announced as cast members in the film.

In July, the production was granted a waiver, allowing the cast to participate in additional photography through the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike.

The film was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2023, the film’s new release date was set on September 4, 2023. However, in July the film was delayed to the first quarter of 2024.