Legend of the White Dragon

Legend of the White Dragon Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Legend of the White Dragon Movie (2023):

Legend of the White Dragon is an upcoming American action science-fiction superhero fantasy film directed by Aaron Schoenke, who co-wrote the film with Alex Kellerman. The film stars Jason David Frank, Aaron Schoenke, Mayling Ng, David Ramsey, Andrew Bachelor, Jason Faunt, Ciara Hanna, Mark Dacascos, and Michael Madsen.

The film is described as a “mature take on the Power Rangers franchise” and introduces a new universe. Production began in May 2020 in Los Angeles on the film. Legend of the White Dragon is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 4, 2023, by Falling Forward Films.

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Information:

Movie NameLegend of the White Dragon
Country United States
Language English
Release DateSeptember 4, 2023
Running TimeTBA
StarringJason David Frank
Aaron Schoenke
Mayling Ng
David Ramsey
Andrew Bachelor
Jason Faunt
Ciara Hanna
Mark Dacascos
Michael Madsen
Directed by Aaron Schoenke
Written byAlex Kellerman
Aaron Schoenke
Produced byBen Dukes
Aaron Schoenke
Sean Schoenke
Cinematography by Aric Abraham
Music bySean Schoenke
Production CompaniesBat in the Sun Productions
Bascule Productions Ltd.
Distributed byFalling Forward Films
Box Office CollectionTBA

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Trailer:

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Posters & Photos:

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Storyline:

Three years after Erik Reed (Jason David Frank) was defeated in a colossal battle, the crystal he used to become the White Dragon was broken into two pieces. As a result, he was blamed for the collateral damage that ensued, and his identity was outed, making him a fugitive and a hunted man. Erik partners with people from the past that have a history, and form a new team to reclaim his powers. Once reunited, he and his team are ready to battle a new villain that has recently emerged and is seeking revenge against the White Dragon. Erik and his new team must work together to stop the villain, hoping to clear his name and be reunited with his family.

Legend of the White Dragon Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Jason David Frank as Erik Reed / White Dragon
  • Aaron Schoenke as Jai Katua / Dragon Prime
  • Mayling Ng as Tek Boh
  • David Ramsey as Mayor Trevon Sterns
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan as Jade
  • Andrew Bachelor as URI
  • Mark Dacascos as Xang
  • Cerina Vincent as Rebecca Reed
  • Michael Madsen as Max Reed
  • Jason Faunt as Connor
  • Rachelle Brooke Smith as Iris
  • Ciara Hanna as Vanessa
  • Kevin Porter as Lighthouse
  • Jenna Rae Frank as Ashley Reed
  • Johnny Yong Bosch

Interesting Facts About Legend of the White Dragon Movie:

  • This project stars many members of the Power Rangers casts and is in the spirit of a more mature Power Rangers movie, but it not officially Power Rangers.
  • Legend of the White Dragon is the final film of Jason David Frank.
  • The movie’s release date is September 4, 2023, which would have been Jason David Frank’s 50th birthday.

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