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    Lightyear Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection

    Lightyear Movie (2022):

    Lightyear is an American computer-animated science fiction action-adventure film directed by Angus MacLane and stars Chris Evans as the voice of the titular character, with Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, James Brolin, and Uzo Aduba in supporting roles. It is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

    The film is a spin-off of the Toy Story film series, and the fifth overall installment in the franchise. The story follows Lightyear operating as a space ranger who, after being marooned on a hostile planet with his commander and crew, tries to find a way back home while confronting a threat to the universe’s safety. It received generally positive reviews from critics, praising its animation, voice acting, score and entertainment value but criticized its plot.

    Lightyear Movie Information:

    Country United States
    Language English
    Budget $200 million
    Box Office Collection $225.4 million
    Release dateJune 8, 2022 (El Capitan Theatre)
    June 17, 2022 (United States)
    StarringChris Evans
    Keke Palmer
    Dale Soules
    Taika Waititi
    Peter Sohn
    Uzo Aduba
    James Brolin
    Directed by Angus MacLane
    Screenplay byJason Headley
    Angus MacLane
    Story byAngus MacLane
    Matthew Aldrich
    Jason Headley
    Produced by Galyn Susman
    CinematographyJeremy Lasky (camera)
    Ian Megibben (lighting)
    Edited byAnthony J. Greenberg
    Music by Michael Giacchino
    Production CompaniesWalt Disney Pictures
    Pixar Animation Studios
    Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Lightyear Movie Trailer:

    Lightyear Movie Storyline (Plot):

    Legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits Izzy, Mo, Darby, and his robot companion, Sox. As this motley crew tackles their toughest mission yet, they must learn to work together as a team to escape the evil Zurg and his dutiful robot army that are never far behind.

    Lightyear Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear: a young test pilot and Space Ranger.
    • Keke Palmer as Izzy Hawthorne: Alisha’s granddaughter, whom Buzz meets.
      • Keira Hairston as a young version of Izzy.
    • Peter Sohn as Sox: a robotic cat that is Buzz’s companion.
      • Sohn also voices an older: worn-out version of Sox used by Zurg.
    • Taika Waititi as Mo Morrison: a fresh, naïve recruit in the colonial defense forces.
    • Dale Soules as Darby Steel: an elderly paroled convict who has been conscripted into the colonial defense forces.
    • James Brolin as Buzz Lightyear / Zurg: a ruthless warlord who turns out to be an elderly, nihilistic version of Buzz from an alternate timeline.
    • Uzo Aduba as Alisha Hawthorne: Buzz’s best friend and commanding officer, who is one of Izzy’s grandmothers.
    • Mary McDonald-Lewis as I.V.A.N.: a voice-activated virtual assistant.
    • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Commander Cal Burnside: the officer who succeeds Alisha Hawthorne.
    • Angus MacLane as ERIC, DERIC, and the Zyclops.
    • Bill Hader as Featheringhamstan / The Rookie: a new recruit partnered with Buzz and Alisha.
    • Efren Ramirez as Airman Diaz: an acquaintance of Buzz.

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