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L’Île rouge

May 31, 2023
1hr 57min
Status: released

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L’Île rouge Movie Details:

Country Belgium
Language French
Release dateMay 31, 2023
Running time1hr 57min
StarringNadia Tereszkiewicz
Quim Gutiérrez
Charlie Vauselle
Directed by Robin Campillo
Written byRobin Campillo,
Gilles Marchand
Produced byMarie-Ange Luciani
Mamihasina Raminosoa
Soasoa Ratsifa
Diego Urgoiti
Cinematography by Jeanne Lapoirie
Edited by Robin Campillo
Stephanie Leger
Anita Roth
Music byArnaud Rebotini
Production CompanyLes Films de Pierre
Scope Pictures
France 3 Cinéma
Memento Films Production
Distributor Curzon Film Distributors
Curzon Film Distributors
Memento Films
Angel Films

L’Île rouge Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Nadia Tereszkiewicz as Colette Lopez
  • Quim Gutiérrez as Robert Lopez
  • Charlie Vauselle as Thomas Lopez
  • Amely Rakotoarimalala as Miangaly
  • Hugues Delamarlière as Bernard Huissens
  • Sophie Guillemin as Mme Guedj
  • David Serero as M. Guedj
  • Luna Carpiaux as Odile Huissens
  • Mitia Ralaivita as Andry
  • Cathy Pham as Suzanne
  • Mathis Piberne as Alain Lopez
  • Sacha Cosar-Accaoui as Michel Lopez
  • Lucille Bernier as Delphine Guedj
  • Mathilde de Sampaio as Mathilde Guedj
  • Franck Mercadal as Général Mathiot
  • Vincent Schmitt as Père Bertin
  • Julie Moulier as Michèle Mollier
  • Thi Pham as Le père de Suzanne
  • Trang Pham as La mère de Suzanne
  • François-Dominique Blin as Le toubib
  • René Ramangason as Le vendeur de pierres
  • Diego Urgoiti as Le maître d’école (as Diego Urgoiti-Moinot)
  • Safidihajaina Hyacinthe Ravaoavy as Toky
  • Cathia Razanadranto Landy as Etudiante 1
  • Roland Jean Guy Rakotomalala as Etudiant 2 Joro
  • Guy de Prince Andriakoto Rahanitrinio as Etudiant 3
  • Fela Razafiarison as Présentatrice
  • Solonandrianina ‘Bola’ Rakotoarijaona as Le jardinier
  • Alexandre Muhr as L’aide de camp
  • Calissa Oskal-Ool as Fantômette
  • Aurélien Jumelais as Le Furet / Grand Hibou
  • Pierre Bedouet as Prince Alpaga / Vendeur TV / Hibou 2
  • Vincent Haquin as Bulldozer / Hibou 3
  • Benjamin Georjon as Boucher / Hibou 4
  • Patrice Pertant as Garagiste / Hibou 5
  • Pascal Gilles as Hibou 6
  • Sébastien Labie as Hibou 7
  • Viven Ar Floc’h as Hibou 8
  • Loïc Molla as Hibou 9
  • Laurent Coin as Hibou 10
  • Fanny Poulain as Cliente boucherie
  • Elie Baissat as Le fermier
  • Marie Braam as Voix Fantômette (voice)
  • Olivier Prémel as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Michel Hinderieckxs as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Sebastien Hebrant as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Jean-Michel Vovk as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Philippe Allard as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Maxime Donnay as Séquence Fantômette (voice)
  • Franck Dacquin as Séquence Fantômette (voice)


    The film is set in the early 1970s Madagascar, where director Robin Campillo spent his childhood, it follows a ten-year-old boy and his family stationed in a French military base.

    About L’Île rouge Movie:

    L’Île rouge (also known as Red Island) is a Franch drama film directed by Robin Campillo, who co-wrote the film with Gilles Marchand. The film stars Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Quim Gutiérrez, Charlie Vauselle, Sophie Guillemin and David Serero.

    It is produced by Marie-Ange Luciani under the banner of Les Films de Pierre. Filming took place from August to November 2021. L’Île rouge was released in French cinemas on 31 May 2023.

    L’Île rouge was released in French cinemas on 31 May 2023.